Dow Corning offers new high performance silicone screen printing silicone

The product has a semi-gloss surface for long-lasting durability and excellent hand feel. Midland, Michigan, USA - As a leading supplier of innovative silicone solutions for the textile industry, Dow Corning has introduced a new silicone-printed silicone for hand-screen printing. Dow Corning's Silastic® LCF 9601 textile-printed silicone provides a semi-gloss finish, good ductility, excellent color fastness and a soft, non-stick feel, giving garment manufacturers the opportunity to fully exploit the market potential and produce this durable High-quality screen printing apparel with environmentally friendly silicone.
“The hand-screen printing process has created tremendous opportunities for sportswear and casual wear manufacturers,” said Global Textile Market Manager, but PVC (plastisl), PU and PA silica have serious drawbacks. Such as poor washability and weather resistance, uncomfortable feeling, sticky, etc., which limits their use in high-end clothing.
These products also often contain solvents and have other negative effects on the environment. To solve these problems, some printing plants have tried to use silicone printing materials because of their good hand, wash and ductility and environmental protection. “But these silicone products have a number of problems in their own right,” explains 耿峥 “stickiness, high viscosity, stiffness, and inability to produce a semi-glossy surface, which still means that garment manufacturers have not yet produced the ideal product.”
The first set of features and benefits of the LCF 9601 textile-printed silicone overcome these challenges:
§ Comfortable: soft, non-sticky, unobstructed § Washable and durable: washable and weather resistant § Color fastness: even between red and white, no color shift § Improved fashion appearance: no trace Semi-gloss surface § High ductility: for 15%-20% Lycra® fabrics § Fast curing: after 3 to 6 seconds when the surface temperature is between 100-130 ° C (212-266 ° F) Curing § Easy to operate: Manual screen printing with appropriate tack and thixotropy § Easy coloring: main agent / catalyst system (less than 10%)
§ Environmentally friendly: free of organotin, phthaloyl ester, formaldehyde, PVC or solvent § Reduced total cost of use: shorter cycle time, greater range of nicknames, LCF 9601 textile printed silicone for most Handmade wire mesh processes for natural or synthetic fabrics, including elastic fabrics, may also be applied to sweatshirts, jackets, hats, gloves, bathrobes, shirts, sleepwear, children's wear, and underwear. Due to its water repellency and good adhesion, the printed and cured fabric can pass through 10 washing steps - 5 at 40 ° C (104 ° F) and 5 at 60 ° C (140 ° F) After - after that, no separation or deformation occurred.
Dow Corning Textiles will help promote the use of LCF 9601 textile-printed silicone with its globally recognized Powered by Dow Corning® ingredient branding program. For example, manufacturers can use unique labels that illustrate the advantages of silicone.
“As a trusted partner and a provider of innovative solutions for the textile industry, Dow Corning enjoys a good reputation” “We have quality materials, outstanding expertise and are able to differentiate our products in many ways –” For greater functionality, more functionality, higher performance and more protection, the LCF 9601 textile-printed silicone is just one example of how we can develop products that fully meet our customers' needs with forward-thinking innovative thinking."
Dow Corning Textiles offers a comprehensive range of innovative silicon-based performance enhancement products and process assistance for textiles, leather and nonwovens. The company not only provides raw materials, but also provides specialized support services and solutions for the specific business needs of the global textile industry.

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