1727: Autumn and winter Plaid element costumes with skills

Autumn and winter season, the classic plaid elements come back. What is the charm of the small grid? Whether it is in the usual streets, or in the big show, the checkered figure can be described everywhere. Some people think that the plaid style is too single, creating a feeling of changeable. In fact, as long as the mix properly, Plaid will be able to release the extraordinary charm to!


Fashion checked knit jacket, H-shaped profile is not bloated cool, the use of collision color stitching design is temperament and introverted, the overall both wild and not monotonous, upper body with a black collar collar white shirt, lower body with black shorts or nine points Pants, showing a mix of dress and harmony.


Retro plaid dress, design rich sense of the times, refined and elegant. Full of artistic atmosphere. Low-waist design, greatly enhance the elegance. The overall use of color highlight the level of contrast layering. Put on gentle warm dignity, but also gives a very good visual effect of reducing age.


Black and white checked jacket, a strong eye-catching, black trim highlights the urban style of fashion. Want to match a sense of rich retro, white note shirt with black basic shorts is perfect expression. A necklace, a pair of high heels, a clutch, simply out of the street.


Elegant wild grid, is always popular classic, a simple British lattice Slim pants, use elastic knit printing fabric, soft and delicate, breathable and comfortable. Waist with collision color stitching design techniques, the bold show the trend of style, retro yet self, the upper body with a black collar collar white shirt, cool days with a simple waist coat, you can wear European and American big-name style and Gas field.

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