Is obsidian spiritual?

Obsidian is also known as "the tears of Apache". This name has a beautiful legend. It is said that the Indian army was completely annihilated because of the ambush. The tears left by the family members who heard the bad news turned into small stones. These stones are obsidian. Many people who see obsidian want to know if it is spiritual. So is obsidian spiritual?


Obsidian is a spiritual gem, and its spirituality is very powerful. Obsidian corresponds to the human bottom wheel, so that the body's gas can lead to the next three rounds, so that the wearer can absorb the disease, make your body more healthy, and make the kidneys stronger. If there is something wrong with the liver, obsidian also has a certain therapeutic effect, so obsidian is very spiritual, and its impact on the human body is also positive.

The energy of obsidian is very pure. One of the obsidian is the rainbow-eyed obsidian. This obsidian has an energy magnetic field like rainbow light. It can help you achieve your wishes and make you work more smoothly and satisfactorily.

Obsidian has been regarded as a town house or a sacred object to ward off evil since ancient times. It has been carved into Buddha statues or beads and beasts, especially Buddha statues. After obsidian carving, it has always been the best sacred object for Buddhist practice. Obsidian has always had a strong adsorption in the crystal family. However, it is important to note that wearing obsidian is that the wearer should be able to wear it in the right hand, so that the dirt can be discharged and it should be cleaned regularly so as to avoid obsidian back to the wearer's body.

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