Five things to know about buying jewelry

First, jewelry is not a "three guarantees" range

Many people think that the jewelry they bought at such a high price should belong to the "three guarantees" range and can be returned and exchanged at any time. The essence is that only a few cities have introduced the “three guarantees” policy for jewellery. Under normal circumstances, in the case of precious metal gold jewelry, if the jewelry to be sold is to be exchanged, it is necessary to depreciate the old jewelry, deduct the depreciation fee, and then replace it.

Second, buying yellow metal jewelry equals gold investment

In jewelry stores, I often hear shopping guides and consumers say that buying gold jewelry is good, and value preservation is equal to saving money. In fact, gold jewelry is not the same as gold, which contains many aspects such as raw materials, process, labor costs, etc., much higher than the price of gold itself. When the price of gold rises, the price of jewellery will immediately rise; when the price of gold falls, jewelers will not slash the price of jewellery for profit, but will lag much. Therefore, gold jewelry is only suitable for wearing or collecting, and can not be used as an investment. To invest, it is recommended to buy a gold bar.

Third, the pure colored hot gemstones are mostly processed

Colored stones are becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. The colorful diamonds you see in jewelry stores, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are mostly synthesized by techniques such as heating and oiling to make them look more dazzling. Of course, it is no big deal. In the case of reasonable prices, it is completely acceptable, and it is recognized in the jewelry industry for the heat treatment.

Fourth, the so-called diamond big sale does not actually exist.

The diamond retail industry is actually monitored by DeBeers, the world's largest diamond mining company. The company offers 65% of the world's rough-cut diamonds and has been strictly controlling the supply of diamonds, essentially controlling the retail price of diamonds in the market. Affected by this, China's domestic diamond price fluctuations will not be large.

Five, not all brands will be repaired free of charge

Many brands will be branded with “lifetime free maintenance and cleaning” when selling products. In fact, in addition to basic cleaning, maintenance and refurbishment, other maintenance items may be charged. In addition, the after-sales service situation of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is the same as that of the mainland. Most maintenance projects charge fees, but the charging standards will be adjusted according to local consumption levels.

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