What style of jacket popular this winter? Winter coat with how?

Although still in early September, but the pace of the winter has slowly approached, and major brands have already launched a series of winter clothing. So you know what style coat this winter popular? Winter coat how to match? Below with the Chinese people's network Xiaobian take a look at the winter coat with, so that you keep warm while not significant bloated!


This short section of the yellow woolen jacket, using lamb stitching, coupled with eye-catching bright yellow, full of personality, people feel very warm at a glance, but also to add a lot of winter youth vitality. Take the black knit sweater, wearing a black and white plaid short black warm stockings, a pair of black tube high heels, people feel very attractive.


Down jacket is essential in winter warm clothing, single product, and red is also one of the essential fashion elements in the winter down jacket. This short section of the red jacket, self-cultivation cut design, locomotive version, big red vertical collar down jacket looks very warm. Plus shrugging design a bit more playful feel, with the white pencil pants, black high heels were significant and thin!

Photo Source: Qian Si Man Women

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