KC fur how the big fur brand KC fur

KC fur is a Clothing brand owned by Qishi Group. It is an international company mainly engaged in fashion fur. At the beginning of the establishment of the goal is to do China's best, world-class international fur brand. KC fur stores across the country straight, is one of the famous fur clothing brand. Over the years, KC fur always adhere to the process as the basis, quality as the core, the soul of the brand as the design concept, has been the trust of more than 5 million consumers worldwide. Has won the "Top 100 Chinese enterprises", "International Famous Brand Award" and other awards. KC fur, fur fashion has always led the way, the style and the international forefront of fur fashion synchronization. Top craft team, but also to provide customers with tailor-made exclusive services, so you stay at home, enjoy the unique top fur single product. As the only fur brand that owns 100 outlets in China, KC Fur pioneered the after-sales service model of 100 stores UNPROFOR, allowing you to enjoy the professional fur service near any city in China as long as it is a VIP VIP of KC . The latest introduction of the large German top fur cleaning equipment, so that your love to enjoy 360-degree care throughout the care. Hundred technicians, to provide you with change, dyeing and other professional services; unified national customer service hotline, ready waiting, to meet your service needs. Horizons determine the value, although the KC has achieved some success now, but look at the world trends, the entire era has given us the opportunity, but at the same time give us more sense of urgency, in what attitude to greet the next decade, How to make every employee of KC give full play to their talents to continuously improve in order to achieve the dual harvest of material and spiritual wealth is our common problem. In this hope "impression KC" launch, to make more people know KC, KC know, like KC. At the same time, this internal magazine is also a platform for every KC person to showcase their experiences. It brings together the successful experiences of various positions and shares their experiences in life and work so that their personal development will be synchronized with the development of the Group. Along the way with KC, from an ordinary manager up to today, ten years of common growth, every step of the trail is clear and profound, each challenge is tough and brave. And always with me, you, KC is the most valuable asset, is to urge me to move forward the source of power. KC today, won the world's attention; KC tomorrow, even more people looking forward to! As president of KC fur China, I have the responsibility and confidence for the KC leafy in the land of China, hoping more elites to join KC. I would like to be your partner in work, my friend in life, and listen to the most true voice from my heart. Here, I am grateful to my former, present and future partners who are with me for sharing the joy and pride, the tears and the glory in my progress with my most precious time in your life. Let us walk side by side, the most beautiful scenery! KC in the future will continue to better ourselves and continue to present a perfect international work, is the eternal pursuit of KC brand. Wear KC fur, do a happy woman. Choose KC, choose love • fashion.

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