2015 spring new product preview tune tune rock youth

What kind of youth looks like, do you still remember? The spring of all things revitalized, let tune tune's “rock youth” call your youth back.

2015春季新品预览 tune tune摇滚青春(图1)

The colorful stripes that can sing, jump out of the shadow of the blue and white stripes in the memory, let your youth dance lightly.

2015春季新品预览 tune tune摇滚青春(图2)

Playing with the rebellious geometric elements, the different tone of the tone will be collided and the high-pitched song of joy will be played. Looking back at the happy time when you were young, happiness was full.

2015春季新品预览 tune tune摇滚青春(图3)

Like the imaginative youthful time, the pursuit of clothes is also "flower", innovative lace, exquisite three-dimensional embroidery, unique shape ... how to wear clothes out of the pattern is never faded topic.

2015春季新品预览 tune tune摇滚青春(图4)

In the spring of 2015, put on a new "flower"-like tune tune new outfit to see the possibility of another me!

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