Second impression NO.2IMAGE casual wear 2012 autumn and winter new products

Second impression NO.2IMAGE Casual Clothing 2012 autumn and winter new listing! 2012 autumn and winter, the second impression of leisure products with its unique design, superior materials, superb technology, strong personality is not extravagant, stylish and inexpensive route for more people to provide personalized fashion enjoyment, leading the new trend of Chinese jeans brand . "The second impression NO.2IMAGE" casual brand products to cowboy as the core carrier, the executive business series, sports and leisure series, PATTY series, old and retro series, sexy series integration, breaking the secular world, the collision of modern civilization, , The splendor of splendor and the embodiment of both form and spirit reflect the perfect combination of vintage and modern civilization, expressing one of the most individualized cultural essences, fully demonstrating the independence and freedom of spiritual detachment and social status, and creating elegant and fashionable grade. Hangzhou leading Garments Co., Ltd. to market consumption-oriented, product quality as the basis, while creating new marketing ideas at the same time, the full introduction of e-commerce systematic management, and strive to achieve a reasonable system, high quality and efficient operation. Today, leading the people complacent, determined to "dynamic fashion, natural self" cultural style, the principle of honesty and trust, Yuanyuguangda merchants work together to create a new paradigm clothing brand, leading the new trend of China's apparel brand.

100% polyester knitted fabric

width 150cms 160cms 210cms    

GSM 85gsm 120gsm 135gsm 160gsm 180gsm 200gsm 220gsm 240gsm 275gsm 

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