Silk products and cotton spinning are more healthy

As an ancient silk country and a cotton spinning country, China believes that every country is no stranger to silk and cotton. The so-called silk products are the finished silkworm textiles of our silkworms. Cotton products are textiles that have been woven from plant cotton. The more famous cotton base is cotton in Xinjiang. Which textile fabric is more beneficial to people's health?

1. Which silk and cotton cloth is better for the human body? Throughout the ages, silk has been favored by people for its unique charm. From the perspective of health care, it can have the following functions:

1. Anti-ultraviolet function Generally, when the silk is irradiated with certain sunlight, the surface will yellow. The cause is the tryptophan in silk protein. Tyrosine absorbs the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight, causing the fiber molecular chain to break and connect. The action of the peptide is healthy, and it is opened one after another. Photosynthesis occurs first and chemical reaction phenomenon occurs. Medical common sense tells us that excessive ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful to human skin. Therefore, the absorption of ultraviolet light by silk protein can be achieved by wearing silk clothing. For the purpose of UV protection, cosmetics made of silk fibroin have the function of whitening sunscreen and eliminating skin pigmentation. It is no wonder that women in the Middle East use silk tulle to cover their faces and wear silk clothing, which can effectively prevent dry weather and strong sunlight.

2, skin, skin and disease prevention function silk in all the fibers, is the lowest coefficient of friction with the human body, and the lysine in the silk can accelerate cell metabolism, protect the lipid film on the skin surface, produce a skin A subtle massage to maintain skin moisturization and smoothness: threonine can improve blood circulation, soften blood vessels, enhance epidermal cell viability, prevent skin aging, help prevent arteriosclerosis and varicose veins; silk also contains 30% Alanine, made into silk food, can increase liver function and promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells; toothpaste made of silk fibroin also has the functions of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostasis and analgesia. Clinical medicine has confirmed that silk garments have skin diseases. Auxiliary treatment can also accelerate the healing of surgical wounds and acne.

3. Moisture absorption and venting effect Silk protein fiber is enriched with many hydrophilic genes, so the moisture regain rate of silk is as high as 11% (cotton 7-8%), and silk fiber has more than 38% of voids, which can adsorb gas and water molecules. Because of its porosity, it is easy to diffuse water molecules, so it can absorb moisture in the air and maintain a certain amount of water. Under normal air, it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture, not make the skin too dry; wear it in summer, It can quickly dissipate the sweat and heat from the human body, reduce the growth of microorganisms on the skin, and it is very hygienic, making people feel cool. It is because of this property that silk fabrics are more suitable for direct contact with human skin, so silk satin clothing is one of the must-have summer clothes.

4, warm and anti-static effect Silk not only has good heat dissipation, but also good thermal insulation. Its warmth benefits from its porous fibrous structure. There are many very fine fibers in a silk fiber, and these fine fibers are composed of finer fibers, so the seemingly solid silk is actually more than 38% hollow, and the first large amount of air exists in these voids. These airs prevent the emission of heat, make the thermal denaturation of silk fibers small, and belong to the flame retardant fiber. The heat distortion of the composite fiber is 4-5 times larger than that of silk, so silk has good electrostatic properties compared with chemical fiber. And warmth. For the above reasons, wearing silk in the cold and dry winter will not cause any tingling sensation to the skin due to static electricity generated by friction. Therefore, the clothing made of silk is the best in winter and cool in summer. In summary, silk is an ecological non-polluting natural fiber, also a health care fiber, a healthy fiber, known as the second skin, the fiber queen, health care function is any fiber can not be compared, can not be replaced.

5, improve the body's immune function, soften blood vessels, have a certain preventive health care for arthritis rheumatism often wear silk fabrics, sleep silk quilts, silk carpet friends should have some experience.

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