Fashion and IT Encounter Accolon men and IBM cross-border match

IT men casual dress seems to have popular support, and even as a man in the IT industry CEO Steve Jobs Apple, more than a decade, always with black turtleneck plus blue jeans, a simple image of the show, IT and fashion look It is still so out of tune with others jokingly said that as long as the Zhongguancun really into the village, because out of the man in the building, if you remove the badge, you say he is selling a disc or computer repair people have believed, but in fact People's occupation is the Internet R & D engineers. Through a series of news from the recent IT industry, we found that consistently low-key IT bigwigs started to prove their fashion taste after becoming successful. In addition to YouTube's founders establishing their own fashion brands, Facebook launched the launch of 3D live premiere fashion brands on the site Will, and Facebook's chief operating officer Sherri Sandberg is more pleased to board the fashion magazine "Vogue", and even Google is also preparing to develop their own clothing brand. IT and fashion, not the two parallel lines we imagine there is no intersection, Arcton will use IBM's advanced concepts and practical experience in the fashion retail industry, as well as international management change and refined management methodology to promote Arco Gordon men's brand development in China, fashion pioneer Arkeden, hand in hand with the giant blue IBM cross-border cooperation for the future fashion men's brand establish industry model. It is not difficult to see from the evolution of fashion history that the influence of technology and art trends on fashion design is undoubtedly profound. Into the 21st century, especially after the economic crisis of the past two years, art and fashion, technology and fashion, performing arts and fashion is even closer together in the design concept of Arden's men, there is no lack of combination of technology and art , IBM's product is the most powerful representative of the IT industry, and Arkendon men is a pioneer in international fashion, whether it is bold stitching material design, or a unique color contrast style, all represent the current international fashion development trend. Arcton men, with IBM because of the same temperament behind the property, walked closely together, and then in business waves, torrent brave. When fashion became a melody, we found that whether it is technology, art or life, they are trying to use cross-border means to bring innovative elements, to achieve another kind of fashion revival. This combination, the perfect embodiment of the way of wearing is the way of life. Arcondon classic POLO style, simple and generous yet without lack of individuality design, fine stripes and the clever use of Checks, highlighting the stylish men's elegance, black and white gray simple color, both in line with the calm and restrained IT male personality, but also Meet their wear on different occasions requirements. It's no longer just a slogan to go to work easily and joyfully. Geeks are well-educated, stable and well-paid senior white-collar workers. Avant-garde, eclectic and enjoyable life are the portraits of their hearts. Deeply grasp the inner needs of such people, so also incorporated in the design of this concept. In the past year or two, the fashion lifestyle sought after by the fashion industry has been eager to release itself not only in the IT industry but also in other fields.

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