Korean version of the paddy children's clothing 2012 new trend of development of children's clothing

As one of 2012's most favored industries, children's clothing has been a lot of eyes. From 2011 Korean children's clothing development trend, this year's South Korea children's clothing market will continue to heat up. From consumers, manufacturers to the brand, franchisee. Undoubtedly put the development of children's wear market as the highlight of this year. Of course, 2012 has just begun, the children's wear industry this year will be in that direction and not very clear. The following is the analysis of the development trend of the Year of the Dragon clothing. The concept of low-carbon environment The concept of low-carbon environment is the prevalence of early 2011 things. Although it has been a year, but the concept of low-carbon environment has not been forgotten. Children's clothing industry is naturally advocates of low-carbon environment. As a domestic Korean version of children's clothing production cluster Shishi children's wear always carry out the concept of low-carbon environment Shishi children's clothing. It can be said that in the past year, Shishi children's wear enterprises regarded practicing social responsibility as a "green" opportunity for innovation in children's wear enterprises. They realized low-carbon environmental protection and "carbon labeling" from raw materials, production processes and products. In order to meet the health needs of consumers, more and more children's wear enterprises, such as the wild leopard, small playing skin, season music and more into the "low-carbon era", these children's wear with green original, auxiliary materials, and strive to make children more Environmental protection, healthier. At the same time, these children's wear enterprises take the initiative to study the physiological and psychological characteristics of children's growth and strive to interpret the needs of children through brands and products. From the latest children's wear released by many children's wear brands in 2012, we can also see that the children's wear enterprises extend the concept of low-carbon environmental protection. Anai Er, zara, natural cotton, etc. People familiar with the children's wear brand are low-carbon environment as a children's clothing production and design standards. It can be said that while engaging in environmental protection is not as simple as wearing casual shoes to embrace nature. But we have seen the children's wear enterprises really pay for this action, which is the future of the entire children's clothing industry and children's health responsibility. Kids tend to adult children's wear design diversification has always been our pursuit. As a continuation of the trend of children's wear design in 2011. In 2012 the trend of adult children's clothing will also continue. It can be said that children's wear adult design has always been a controversial topic. Some people object to someone's applause. But this does not affect children's wear design is their creation. In fact, children's wear products in the design into the current popular adult equipment is not the same as the elements do not pay attention to children's nature. Brand to create a personality logo, mature design style may well be a good choice. Of course, there should also be a "degree" of control in this one. Some brands are trying to make their products look different, while not obliterating children's instincts. It can be said that in 2012 the "mature" style of children's clothing, will occupy a larger market. The rise of luxury children's clothing 2012, luxury Korean children's clothing will no longer be "Star II" patent. This is not a joke. With the increasing competition in the mid-to-high end children's clothing market and the ever-increasing level of people's consumption, the breakdown of the children's clothing market in 2012 will be further expanded and high-end and even luxury children's clothing brands will emerge. This is not only an opportunity for foreign brands to enter , Is also an opportunity for the new brand of children's wear to enter and to do something. From the past few years, China's luxury goods consumption point of view, 2012 is indeed a good time for children's wear luxury goods stationed in China. On the one hand, the baby boomers in China naturally give consumers unparalleled enthusiasm. On the other hand, young parents in China are now "after 80" and "after 90s", and the purchasing habits of young parents of this generation can also adapt to the positioning of international luxury goods. "Parents want to make their children unique by buying luxury children's clothing instead of making their children meaningless." This is the motivation for most young parents to buy luxury children's clothing, no doubt that such ideas for luxury children's clothing stationed in China Post-development is very favorable. Korean version of the concept of children's clothing brand animation from "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" to "machine cats" to "blue cat naughty" ... ... we can see that many foreign trade children's wear brands are complementary and animation industry chain. Once the children's clothing brand road linked with the animation industry, naturally, this road will go smoothly many. Animation is very entertaining, and the audience is dominated by children. Children's wear business with excellent animation brands and elements of successful combination, no doubt able to help businesses icing on the cake. Combining with animation is a good development opportunity for children's wear enterprises, which is the consensus of the industry. Animation industry in full swing, so that children's clothing business has a fresh element, and now we have seen a lot with the animation industry, a combination of children's clothing brand. How the future development of children's wear industry, especially the combination of children's clothing animation, let's wait and see. Market needs to be developed in the children's clothing market We understand the 2012 Korean children's clothing wholesale market momentum of development, of course, we must know the 2012 South Korea children's wear market problems to be solved. CUHK children's clothing market is still blank in 2012 children's wear development needs hard work. Children's wear market research shows that in the age series on the market lack of large children's clothing, that is, 12 to 16-year-olds installed, and the specifications disorders, especially the basic children's clothing stalls. Because this age children mostly uniforms, sportswear features. This also led to this market has been neglected. Although 12 to 16 years of age children's psychological state there are children's characteristics, coupled with different developmental conditions, too fat, too few children, so the design is more difficult. However, as a good time to develop children's clothing in 2012, children's wear enterprises can not miss this golden opportunity. 2012 is the traditional Chinese Year of the Dragon, but also a year that Chinese people think is full of festivity and peace. This year, Korean children's wear industry will also face this kind of opportunities and challenges. Children's wear enterprises can make a breakthrough in this year, children's wear brand can be developed in this year. let us wait and see. Company Website: Official Website: Alibaba wholesale website: http://daowatongzhuang.cn.alibaba.com QQ: Landline:-0535-010 QQ Mail: [email protected ]

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