Ya Qian first Chinese underwear Culture Festival - Jinhua Station quietly opened

When the typhoon "Anemones" finally left Jinhua, this landscape city, Ya Qian first Chinese underwear Culture Festival - Jinhua Station quietly kicked off.
The underwear Culture Festival - Jinhua Station, with the previous underwear festival held in various places the biggest difference is that the Jinhua Station catwalk scene, showing a lot of new products in spring and summer 2013, but also in the apparel display Add more eye-catching details.
Therefore, the arrival of "Sea Anemone" did not seem to bring too much impact on this beautiful town, Ya Qian first Chinese underwear Culture Festival - Jinhua Station catwalk scene exceptionally lively, which is the first time the local people zero distance Contact so dazzling, beautiful new release site.
Ya Qian this summer before the new low-key, restrained, subtle style, more biased in the youth, vitality, sexy features both light adjustment characteristics. This is the highlight of this summer's new products, but also the style of the new season's future product development trend.
The release of this summer the reason why the choice of new Jinhua station, one is because Jinhua station Ya Ya underwear as the "base camp", but also in Zhejiang Ya Qian underwear an important strategic market, so the event by the company from top to bottom colleagues height Attention, but also more invited to host the event venue Yinlong department store manager Jinhua shop visit the scene, also invited the same industry executives, responsible person's personal participation.


Silversky department store manager signs on the cultural wall


Swimwear showcase


Catwalk climax: worth a million diamond bra

Ya Qian first Chinese underwear culture festival, since the maiden flight in Hangzhou since June this has come to an end, and Jinhua as Ya Qian group headquarters, is naturally the festival's most influential chapter, but also take this event sincerely The blessings Yaqian and all Yaqian people a more bright and brilliant future!




The audience to experience the feeling of a catwalk!

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