Be unique to yourself, Oakesang is beautiful with you

Oucasang maternity launched in the fall season, the warmth of the new fall maternity, so that Bulletin boards in this fall can be more beautiful fashion. Oucasang stylish pregnant women fashion advocates for pregnant women are also stylish, with a new visual experience, the Bully every moment captured, so that Bulletin boards throughout the pregnancy can reflect the fashion and enjoy the fashion sense. Cool atmosphere has come, Oka Sang to the world a happy autumn, pregnant women, Oka Sang Maternity fashion shirt 2012 new has been listed. Autumn atmosphere more and more intense, the autumn wind slightly blowing, cool sense of cool, Ou Qassang launched many new autumn fashion share with you the feast of beauty, to give you the most intimate Oh. Oka Sling Bib for you and your child the most intimate care, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the experience. Make a unique self, let the fashion change because of me.


Oka Sang pronunciation pronunciation comes from Japanese homonym, in Japanese which indicates the title of the mother.

"Oakesangang" brand clothing originated in Japan in the 60s of last century, with a special custom wedding, etiquette and other festive kimono and renowned Japan. In the mid-80s began to get involved in the field of fashion, after years of hard work, its existing women's, men's , children's clothing, luggage accessories and many other well-known brands, with a large loyal consumer groups, with a strong product force and brand impact.

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