Watermelon prince children's clothing will be environmentally friendly life and fashion in depth

As the earthquakes and tsunamis are frequent in the world, the government, schools and the community are all advocating environmental protection. From environmental protection to environmental protection, the attitude of watermelon prince children's clothing advocates environmental protection, such as dress, toys and leisure. In the dress not only the use of environmentally friendly materials products, but also to promote a healthy attitude to life, daily actions take into account the personal and other people's health. A complete environmental protection, cross-border environmental life, from learning to play, from the classroom to the playground, from the body to the psychological! Watermelon prince children's clothing for people to provide simple and high quality casual fashion children's products, so that environmental philosophy into products and life, leading a simple, healthy and casual fashion life. Category 0-12 years old Chinese newborn infants and young children's field. Advocating the social values ​​of "Happy to have my dreams and having me", and taking "concerned about the healthy growth of children" as the fundamental starting point for product R & D and manufacturing, we have been keeping improving in fabric selection, process management, product style, health and comfort, The vast number of consumers of all ages. Watermelon Prince children's clothing from the perfect design, production quality control, always reflect the rigorous, quality is its "life." At the same time, pay attention to the opening of product functionality, to provide more protection for children, and more comfortable wearing experience. Watermelon prince children's wear a healthy brand, because advocating environmental protection so different! Watermelon prince children's wear a sunshine brand, to bring every child relaxed and happy!

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