New York Women's sponsored micro film "clothing love affair" won the gold medal

In late 2013, the well-known women's brand New Zealand sponsored the micro movie "clothing love affair" and won the gold medal! In the movie, the actress's costumes are supported by well-known women's brand New York special sponsorship!


New Zealand brand with a strong design style and new clothes language, to express the designer's unique aesthetic tendencies and artistic taste. In this film which also has a very important role, plays the role of the finishing touch, also with the director, "give up the story of the long-winded story, direct and concise yet without losing the ambiguous plot, fashionable dress, seductive actor, beautiful Humen take the lens to respect the concept of creativity, respect for the concept of the brand, echoes, the theme of the fashion Humen deduced most vividly fashion apparel in the movie with the theme of matching micro film "clothing love affair" won the gold medal, Newfoundland brand Endured.


NEW FOUND New Zealand brand in recent years to a high profile into the fashion industry, "creative thinking, independent style" for the design concept, the company has endless design innovation and production and marketing capabilities for the Chinese women's brand into a new Fashion elements, but also for the "NEWFOUND New Zealand" brand has laid a solid foundation for the development of New Zealand has its own unique sales model.

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