How to evaluate the value of the jade ring

In the jewellery trade collection activities, the correct judgment of the quality of jadeite is the key to determining the purchase of genuine jade stone or finished products in the market. There are too many uncertain factors in judging the jade original stone gambling goods. It is not discussed here. The jadeite with no color difference is very low, and it is not discussed in this paper. Here, we mainly talk about the technical experience of judging the advantages and disadvantages of jade used as a noodle fabric.

Emerald ring face

When a piece of jade is in your hand, you should first judge its value from the germplasm. In the line, the types of density and transparency are roughly divided into old pit glass, ice, depression, bean, porcelain, etc., and the price difference between them is roughly an order of magnitude or more, such as a good old pit. The glass bottom ring can reach hundreds of thousands of yuan, the ice can be tens of thousands, the smashing land is thousands of yuan, the fine bean is about 1,000 yuan, the color of porcelain land is not high, such as the ring of white-green varieties. Face, it is cheaper. In short, the worse the species, the smaller the spread. The second step is to make an objective judgment on the color. The first thing to do is to maintain a good attitude. Be sure to evaluate the green of the jade from a non-utilitarian perspective, and do not follow without prejudice. The thinking of others goes. I like the color, thinking that the sky will fall off the pie, often overestimate the contents of the hand.

The second is to correctly select the light and observe different objects under the same background conditions. In general, the pale emeralds are more beautiful in the morning and dusk, while the rich jadeites are more beautiful in the midday sun. If the surface is not the same as the non-substrate, in order to increase the concentration of the color, the jeweler often lining a metal piece under the ring that is not full in color when making the ring. To make a correct evaluation of this kind of face, it is best to take it and observe it through light. Incidentally, it should be noted that the substrate can also mask the enamel to some extent. The color of jadeite is ever-changing due to the difference in texture and the difference of impurity elements. The color of the jade is divided into dozens of types of green of jade, which is difficult to say the color is good or bad.

The third is that people in different regions have an objective standard for green preferences. According to the positive and negative colors, roughly divided into green, blueish green, yellowish green and grayish black. The green jadeite has the highest value. If the old pit glass type is flawless, the current price of a 10×12mm ring face can reach 200,000 to 300,000 yuan. The green emeralds are green like pines and cypresses, while others are as bright as water. But the green is good and there is a bottom, the jade is valuable. Some jadeites are very rich in color, but the germplasm only reaches the coarse bean or porcelain land. It can be purchased for less than 1,000 yuan, which is more suitable for young women. Nowadays, a black jade is popular in the Guangdong market. It looks black and shiny, and it can be seen through the light. The market price has reached thousands of yuan. In addition, there is a yellow-green, lighter, germplasm is the ice or the ground of the ring, the price is also thousands of dollars to thousands of dollars, the larger grain is more expensive.

The fourth step of the evaluation of jadeite is to observe the clarity of the noodles. Common cockroaches have black spots, white cotton, cracks, etc., which can be divided into innocent, micro-small, small-flower, medium-flower, according to the presence or absence of sputum. A few grades of flowers, the valuation can be multiplied by a netness coefficient on the basis of the previous estimate, if the innocent is 1, the micro-small is 0.75, the small flower 0.50, the medium flower is 0.30, the large flower is 0.20, then, there are flowers The value of jadeite is about 50% lower than that of innocent jade. It can be seen that the factor of clarity in the evaluation of jadeite cannot be ignored.

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