Classic story brand women spring and summer 2013 orders will be held

September 23, 2012 -25 days, Shenzhen classic story women's clothing spring and summer 2013 orders will be held in the classic story of the company will be invited to the vast number of fashion industry and joined the agents who come here to guide the classic story of women As always, for your interpretation of simple, elegant, stylish, classic brand style, try your best! The brand concept of "JANE STORY" comes from the world classics "Jane Eyre". "Jane Eyre" is a spiritual biography of an independent, proactive, and loyal woman's life. It sets out the true meaning of all women: the beauty of appearance is a short, limited capital, and its self-cultivation and the innocence and kindness of the soul are the infinite wealth. In the 21st century, "JANE STORY" is dedicated to serving modern urban women who are elegant, energetic, well-to-do, confident and intelligent. To classic, elegant fashion design style, full of mature women's own charm, and guide them in the independent, self-reliance, struggle and aggressive at the same time the pursuit of elegant and stylish lifestyle. Shenzhen Classic Story Trading Co., Ltd. has set up the mode of leading brand "JANE STORY" and shop-in-shop in major and medium-sized cities throughout the country. Nowadays, it has set up an organic marketing system combining self-operated network with affiliate network. We look forward to working with you to open a new chapter in the classic story of women.