Jenna Lena Women's Fashion Italy disseminated delicate and elegant fashion

Anlieana stems from Sicily, known as the beautiful source of Italy. It combines the following three major concepts: the refined introspection and elegance of Italy's deep bone marrow, the subtle warmth and elegance that has settled in oriental culture, and the most important humanistic concern in modern civilization . The pursuit of natural language to express urban culture, urban elements with the outline of the natural style, interpretation of beauty and elegance in simplicity and unity. Deep and restrained details of the deal, as well as the novel and elegant cutting, so that you no matter in any context, it is not obtrusive but able to distribute long-lasting charm. Anlieana draws the essence of costumes and human civilization, integrates profound understanding of modern urban women's attitudes and lifestyles, and takes humanistic care as a starting point to completely rejuvenate emotions and costumes, as one has said: Sicily you can find the beautiful source of Italy, in Anlieana, you can find your source of beauty. Anlieana is the ultimate in exquisiteness, simplicity and elegance in the eyes of the world. It constantly searches for the best communication between nature and metropolis, and constructs the rational and natural luxury in the prosperous world with rich elements of texture. Anlieana is committed to building the international high-end women's brand , textured fabrics and thoughtful cut for the 28-40-year-old woman interpretation of natural style, the texture of Sicily in Italy into the clothing culture, so that the three subjects of urban, cultural and natural harmony , Let the clothing really return to you and me.