The Sustainable Development of Circular Economy in the Textile Industry is the Key

The 2011 China Textile Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Forum was held in a grand fashion. The China Textile Circular Economy and Sustainable Development Forum was held on November 2 during the China (Xili) Fashion Fabric Fair. With the theme of developing a circular economy and transforming the growth pattern, the forum invited more than 200 representatives from various textile industry clusters and outstanding textile enterprises across the country to participate in the grand meeting. To explore the effective mode of developing circular economy at the three levels of textile and garment enterprises, enterprises or parks, and society. Promote the successful experience of the circular economy pilot areas in the industry, promote the key technologies and equipment for recycling economy, promote ecological textiles, and promote and advocate conservation-oriented consumption patterns and green consumption concepts. To help enterprises accelerate the transformation and upgrading, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, take the new industrialization road with high technology content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption and less environmental pollution.

Liang Quancai, the mayor of Xiqiao Town, Sun Ruizhe, Vice Chairman of China Textile Industry Federation, and Yuan Daoling, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Supervision Center of South China Ministry of Environmental Protection attended the meeting and delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Zheng Hong, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Fu Guangwei, deputy director of the China Textile Information Center; Zhu Beina, president of the Cotton Textile Industry Association; Wang Keli, deputy secretary general; and other leaders and guests of the Jordanian Counselor, Mr. Ai Selan, were invited to attend the meeting.

Qiao Qi, director and chief expert of the Department of Production and Recycling Economics of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, focused on the topic “Development status and characteristics of China’s circular economy” and introduced the overall situation of the circular economy in China and the direction of future development.

Zhang Shiping, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry of the China Textile Industry Federation, based on the "12th Five-Year Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Textile Industry," briefed delegates on the achievements and existing achievements in the recycling economy and sustainable development of the Chinese textile industry during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Problems, and put forward the "12th Five-Year Plan" and the next decade's key tasks and engineering projects, for the future development of the entire textile industry has a guiding significance for the development of recycling economy and sustainable development.

Vice President of Wuhan Textile University, Zeng Qingfu, shared the many new technologies for energy saving and emission reduction of printing and dyeing with representatives from the practice of printing and dyeing production for many years. Taking ramie clean production as an example, he introduced the significance of ramie ecological industry for the development of circular economy in the whole industry. .

Jiedong East Paris Wan Shihua Textile Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Huaiguang introduced the development and practice of environmentally friendly products relying on the concept of recycling economy and healthy consumption from the perspective of the company.

Finally, the conference invited Qiao Qi, Director and Chief Expert of the Department of Production and Circular Economy of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences; Zeng Qingfu, Vice President of Wuhan Textile University; Guan Haiquan, Deputy Mayor of Xiqiao Town; and Qin Xiaolan, Manager of Ke Lida Knit Printing Co., Ltd. "For the topic of dialogue and discussion. We discussed how to play the role of the small cycle (clean production within the company and recycling of resources), the intermediate cycle (eco-circulatory system among the enterprises in the industrial park), and the large-cycle (resource recycling system in the whole society).

At present, the shift from scale growth to quality and efficiency growth has become the development theme of China's textile industry. Seeking a match between consumption growth and resource and environmental carrying capacity, realizing the dynamic and new balance of “supply and demand” will become a major issue for the future textile industry. The convening of the forum has a certain practical significance and promotion role for the textile industry to strengthen the awareness of recycling economy and increase the technological innovation of circular economy.

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