"Karl Buffet" inspired 2012 'Spring, summer new product promotion' has begun!

Carl Philip inspired 2012 spring and summer new conference on November 1, 2011 in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Baosheng Hotel grand! At 18:30 on November 1, 2011, "Carrefour inspired the 2012 Banquet Daren show" officially kicked off! Popular and exciting party scene! Came to all parts of the country Kalfte brand franchisee, full of hope, beaming together! Karl Fett brand children's clothing by the franchisees around the color of flavor and unique food and fantastic Daren performances, as well as Karl Buffet children's wear to join the participants for the participants well-prepared grand prize, will be for you one by one ! Carrefour inspired the 2012 Banquet cum Daren show was officially started. By the Kalfette brand children's wear planning department manager Miss Lv Dan and De Munster brand children's wear marketing manager Mr. Ma Haihua served as the evening host. Look! Host debut! burst! burst! burst! "Carrefour inspires 2012 banquet cum up to show people party" Hot popularity in the venue! Warm atmosphere! Looked wonderful audience on stage performances, from across the country Calfit brand children's clothing franchise customers no longer calm up, we are loud applause, clapping the palm of your hand, the climax is a wave after wave. Showtime! "Karl Buffet Encourage 2012 Baccarat & Daren Show" by the Karl Firth brand children's clothing franchisees all over the country to arrange and perform the Daren show, for everyone presented one after another wonderful program! Although their performances are not as professional as those professional performers do, we can all see that their performances are so carefully invested! Just as Karl Fett brand children's wear, full of passion, full of sincerity! The so-called meet is off, all the world are brothers. Nowadays, when sharing culture gradually enjoys popular support, Calfit is even more outstanding. From all corners of the globe, Karl Firth brand children's wear franchisees with their own variety of local cuisine with each of the friends in the field to share, pass each other's customs, to experience this rare delicious feast. Cool! Looked at the table that delicious food, really mouth-watering, the index finger was moved, afraid to HOLD live sister to the "Carrefour inspired 2012 Bacardi and Daren show party" scene, certainly HOLD could not live! awesome! awesome! Really awesome! The "2012 Carlton Buffet 2012 Talents Show" presented by Karl Fett's children's wear is really awesome! Apple IPAD tablet? That's right! Apple iPad tablet! There are microwaves! massager! Garment Steamer! Eventually, Karl Fett brand children's clothing Sichuan Branch and Karl Fett brand children's clothing Hunan Branch won the first prize with "Kangding Love Song" "belly dance", won the award - Apple IPAD Tablet PC! Carrefour inspired 2012 spring and summer new conference (November 1, 2011 ~ November 6, 2011), wonderful to continue!

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