Zhengda winter wave is still popular attack Quebec fashion Quebec style

With the vigorous winter's footsteps, sensible fashion people no longer HOLD HOLD, have joined the new round of tide action. In this intensified winter tidal wave war, the new fashion lifestyle leader zegda (Chia Tai) swept away the cold colors, will be time and space in the romantic French-style Quebec, Canada, lit the season's most popular fashion. The Chia Tai winter new campus series, outdoor series, urban series are all around the Quebec theme story, the French elegance, romance, free and easy, full of imagination in Quebec people's imagination in the world, to bring a "stunning "Visual feast. Plaid fashion Fun Quebec Quebec folk style, Canada's place of origin. The occasional encounter of French explorers in the 17th century dubbed it a bond with France. Autumn and winter is its most beautiful moment, maple leaf mountains and plains, will welcome the grand reward maple team. Follow a local championship baseball team, with the Zhengda campus series designer 7 days 6 nights trip, imagine that they are across the entire Quebec. Along the fiery leaves, partner's ear laughter, exposure to such a fantastic journey, of course, can not be low-key, with a casual plaid thick gown, a dark red-brown trousers, can make you instantly eye-catching, Out without losing taste. Plaid is the earliest pattern of human artwork, the ancient streets of Quebec along the town, allowing you to fully explore the plaid exploration. Heterogeneous material splicing, perspective cascading mashup and changing the plaid clothing, bring or youthful or mature changeable look. Whether it is the choice of checkered gown and blue Slim jeans with or accompanied by deep khaki cotton trousers, and the main color of the season cap mix, will allow you to find the most pure sex, in the romantic journey In fashion with a gorgeous adventure together, the release of FASHION POWER. Environmental elements of outdoor interpretation of ice and snow Quebec is a cold beauty of ice, winter it is like leaving the world of silver paradise, beautiful, pure, full of happiness. The beauty of snow and ice inspired Quebec romantic feelings, skating on the lake, hiking camping, the need is to stimulate, full of pondering. Follow the pace of local skating clubs, wearing Quebec natives with plants and animals, snowflake element printing wind jacket, with simple straight jeans, then pick a pair of high purity blue skateboard shoes, enjoy the snow carnival. In the sky of snow, harmony between heaven and man from the inside hair. Jumping snowflake patterns, records of the vicissitudes of the Indian tribe totem, a historic sense of the club honorary badge, in the enjoyment of its unspoiled primitive beauty of the country at the same time, can feel a Zen Yi earth color Use, so rich low-key colors as if into the nature, in the forests, mountains, lakeside shuttle, enjoy the essence of a simple interpretation of clothing, and nature together. Dare to hit the urban color carnival carnival Quebec has a passionate side. In February, the annual Winter Carnival, Quebec will be transformed into a carnival stage, that full of exciting music and joyful atmosphere, so that the people who are in High to the highest point. Colorful neon, whether it is in the streets of people walking, or the influx of influx of people bar, a gorgeous bright, full of elements of the line in order to make you instantly stand out in the surging crowd. Continued ascent of the hit color, season will be a variety of high saturation of the bright colors together, to be gorgeous joyful effort. Simple Slim version of the type, bright yellow, purple, sapphire, pink candy color sweater cardigan sweater, woolen coat, crisp appearance casual T-shirt and other single product design, so that this season looks concise and lively, energetic. Street signs, sidewalks and other urban elements, music elements, even more street full of sense, the cold can also make you full of vitality Sunshine men and women or style full marks the influx of people. Quebec is such a refined and understated place, ecologically rustic, French romance, urban carnival, the diversity of the United States people confusing. Shuttle in different places in Quebec, the autumn and winter should greet the cold, with the trendy range of children, to run wild, let the bones of the wild take you through Quebec adventure, vitality broke out, realize the perfect joy of life. DisplayAd (); Related hot words search

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