Shanghai Fashion Week AW19 preview | Evening, a confusing story

Evening is both the brand name and the English name of the designer Yu Yining, from the homonym of "Yu Ning". The Evening brand draws inspiration from urban life and magnifies the powerful feelings of life. The release of each fashion collection is like a city diary, recording the cityscapes of Evening's sight and the details and emotions of contemporary Chinese life. .

At the core of artistry and storytelling, Evening uses linear elements to intersperse plane cuts and draping structures. Through cool and dynamic silhouettes, exquisite fabrics and humorous details, it shows women's unique urban elegance.

Evening's work "The Tower" has participated in the art and design of China Guardian Autumn Auction. He has worked with contemporary artists, commercial brands and institutions on many occasions. Evening's depth of design thinking and precise control and expression of the functional utility of the product make it cover many fields.

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The theme of Evening S/S2019 is "Finger Gyro", a decompression small toy that is easy to carry daily.

Simple hands-on operation and psychedelic rotation effect, whether you are looking for the balance of the top while playing or watching its rotation can make people concentrate, short forget the trouble, unconscious decompression. The misplacement and vertigo generated by the fingertip gyro's light rotation become the inspiration for the designer. Combining the visual and conscious feelings, along with the light and gradual color, the structure and visual pattern of the layered spiral are transformed. The waist is curled up in the daytime, and the low-pitched trumpet sleeves are both cute and cool. The whole series has an orderly structure, a lazy and relaxed shape, and a virtual and solid material collision. Compared with the past, the cotton material is added, which is easy and comfortable.

The fingertip gyro is the magic between the fingers, as if it is a turn, as if the mind is turning at your fingertips.

Evening 2018 The autumn and winter series "Giant Baby" is inspired by baby products. The whole series of colors is soft like the color of the baby world. The gradient color adds golden and enamel pink, and the various plush fabrics softly wrap the body. In addition, the concept of "conjoint" has been widely used by designers, and deconstructed a suit symbolizing adults as an embellishment of the entire series. Large and small circular arcs are scattered between the silhouette and the pattern, like many simple and small moods, self-discipline overlap.

This season, Evening Girl has always been elegant, and there are some conflicts between cute and cool. This winter, take care of yourself like a baby.

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This site Song Yu Zuo


Pan Ling net creatures hand-painted Led lighting device

Animistic Organism from Sukhavati (detail), lighting installation



2018@Cc Foundation & Art Center

This website Lilah Fowler works on this website Reinoud Oudshoorn works

Monica Bonvicini works on this site

Evening tells a story of the Chinese people every season, combining the diverse concepts of contemporary art to give fashion a narrative experience and emotions. The Evening 2019 Fall/Winter collection is in collaboration with contemporary artist Song Min, and recreates a "fantasy legend" on the spot, so stay tuned.

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