Washing and maintenance of knitted fabrics and cotton textiles

[Wool Net] Knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility, and its manufacturability. Knitwear is comfortable to wear, fit and body, no restraint, and can fully reflect the human body curve.
Knitting maintenance:
1. Take dust before washing, soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes, squeeze it out, put it into the washing powder solution or soap solution, rinse it gently, then rinse it with water. To ensure the color of the sweater , 2% acetic acid (food vinegar) can be added to the water to neutralize the residual soap. After washing, squeeze out the water, shake it, put it into the net bag, hang it in a ventilated place to dry, avoid twisting or exposure.

2, washing with tea, not only can wash the dust, but also make the sweater does not fade, extend the service life.
Knitted washing method:
Use 1 pot of boiling water, put a proper amount of tea, wait until the tea leaves soaked, filter out the tea leaves, soak the sweater in tea for about 15 minutes, then gently lick it a few times, then rinse it with water, squeeze out the water, shake it, Dry.

In addition to the light: the sweater has been worn for a long time, and some parts will be polished. It can be sprayed with the mixture of vinegar and water in the shiny part, and then washed to restore the original.
Why do knitted fabrics cross the big ones?
This is the shrinking property of knitted fabrics. All knitted fabrics will have different degrees of wear during washing and washing. Only different grades of clothes will be different depending on the technology of the fabric manufacturer. In the process of wearing and washing, try to It is the best way to keep it from being pulled (not to be twisted). In addition, after washing, the clothes can be softened, placed in a flat position, let them rest for more than one day, and then wear.
How to prevent knit sweaters from pilling?
Pilling is the commonality of woolen products. During the wearing and use of the velvet fabric, the short fibers protruding from the surface of the fabric are easily entangled into balls, which affects the appearance of the felt and, in particular, the high-end products have a close, soft and smooth demand, which will increase the trend, pilling It is related to raw material properties, spinning and dyeing and finishing processes, weaving structure and wearing method.
Wash sweater anti-pilling method:
1, washing the sweater inside out, reduce the friction of the surface of the sweater, sweater pilling prevented.
2, wash the sweater with shampoo, make the sweater soft and natural.

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