Teach you to buy curtains for a warm winter

The chilling invasion has made people's warmth effect on the living room more and more high. Many consumers hope that the curtains in their homes can keep the wind and warmth, and let the light flow freely, but in the face of the endless variety of curtains on the market, Let consumers choose to enter the blind spot, how to choose winter warm curtains, can make your home warm and sunny? Home textile brand Violet, want what you think, love what you love, buy the winter curtains that suit you.

In winter, due to the short lighting time, the curtains need to adjust the light according to different needs. When the light is strong, the carpet and wooden furniture can be protected from exposure. At the same time, because the winter is cold and windy, the curtains must be protected against wind, dust, heat and warm. , anti-noise, adjust the indoor temperature, add warmth to the room. Due to the temperature at home, most people in the winter choose fabric curtains, especially thick and warm velvet fabrics.

The prices of such curtains vary widely. In the small commodity distribution market such as Jinwuxing, the price of fabric curtains ranges from RMB 10-50/m; the curtain prices of well-known stores and brand companies are relatively high, such as fabric curtains of brands such as IKEA, Tellus and Le, and Jinjiao Home Textiles. The price is more than 50 yuan / m, the price of limited, hand-made curtains can reach hundreds of dollars to thousands.

Warm curtains velvet curtains thickened velvet is generally imported velvet, thick fabric, heat insulation, opaque, airtight, warmth is better than other materials. At present, such velvet curtains are only available in the high-end furniture market, and the price is above 350 yuan / meter. In some online shopping malls, there are also purchasing and selling such curtains, which are priced at 200 yuan/meter or more.

The chenille velvet curtain chenille velvet curtain is a thick fabric with a thick thick velvet woven into a dark pattern. Without the use of a blackout cloth, the sound insulation, windshield and heat preservation effect can be achieved. The chenille is generally a wide cloth of 2.8 meters. The material is relatively economical, and the price is usually around 200 yuan/meter, which is a range that the average family can bear.

Optional skills 1, according to the space selected material cotton, linen curtains for easy washing and care, good shade, suitable for living room and bedroom; yarn curtains are decorative, light transmission, suitable for use in the living room or balcony The fine curtains such as satin and flocking are more suitable for use in the bedroom due to better shading and sound insulation. Discerning the curtains can make a rough judgment by looking at the overall effect, color and texture of the curtains, and then grasping the folds by hand. Generally speaking, the good curtains have the function of pleating. After the hand is grasped, the curtains can automatically restore the original shape.

2, according to the function of the curtains in general, the large room is recommended to make the entire wall curtains, so that the entire space is fuller. The living room and bedroom have large windows and plenty of light. You can use curtains with better UV protection and heat insulation. The curtains in the bedroom should not use too strong colors to avoid floating. Wall-mounted curtains are recommended for specific functional spaces such as audio-visual room. This not only brings visual impact, but also has good sound insulation.

3, choose thick curtain rods Consumers buy and install curtains, first measure the size, accurately calculate the area of ​​the required fabric. Secondly, when selecting the curtain rod, it should be noted that the thinner the thickness of the rod wall, the smaller the bearing capacity of the rod is, and it is prone to accidents. The contact surface of the curtain rod bracket and the wall is larger, which is more stable. (Violet Violet Home Textiles)

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