Na Wei costumes wish you: family harmony, the Year of the Dragon ambitious

Na Wei costumes wish you: lit a warm stove, bright future; lift sweet wine, drink peace and happiness; sing good wishes, take a healthy dance; walked lightly, sent Dragon Year's greeting; I wish you a family harmony The Year of the Dragon grand exhibition!

naivee (Na Wei) is the Shanghai Nvwei Fashion Design Co., Ltd. in 1999 launched the women 's fashion brand . Naivee (Na Wei) advocates a natural attitude of pursuing a successful career and living a satisfactory life. naivee (Navi) to create elegant and refined, natural collection of years of quality, hope that more professional women because Navi, in a busy urban life, appreciate the warmth and beauty.


Naivee (Navi) positioning of the customer base for the 25-35 year-old urban women who desire happiness. They are confident, independent and enjoy their work. They are delicate and love life. They have a good culture and positive values, they are not blindly follow the trend, have their own fashion ideas. They focus on spiritual exchanges, the pursuit of quality and healthy life.


Naivee (Navi) in the study of international trends based on the urban career women in the "workplace, leisure, entertainment parties," such as the needs of different occasions, well-designed clothing and accessories products. Naivee is committed to reflecting the independent aesthetic tastes of working women and focusing on the spiritual life and practical needs of working women. The elegant style, comfortable and decent quality and natural style throughout.

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