Japanese fashion brand shimala "dream music" stationed in Shanghai

Japanese fashion brand shimala "dream music" stationed in Shanghai Japan's clothing retail giant - Shimala Co., Ltd. (Decorated as Dream Music) on April 13 formally stationed in Shanghai Long Plaza scenery, bringing together the popular style from Japan, All kinds of popular women's fashion, tide brand men's clothing for consumers to create convenient and comfortable shopping environment at the same time bring a relaxed and happy shopping experience. Shimala decorated dreams opened the first store in mainland China the day of opening, decorated dream music (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Asia Pacific Development held "shimala decorated dream China opened the first store presentation." Representative Hidehiro Shimamura Representative, President of Matsushita (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Managing Director of Kintetsu Kanda Co., Ltd. introduced the overview of Shimala Corporation and Shimala Dream Music brand to the media. Japanese fashion brand shimala "dream music" stationed in Shanghai flocked to customers Shimamura Co., Ltd. was established in 1953, the first successful listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1991, sales in the industry ranked sixth in the world, Japan ranks No. 2. It is an apparel retail chain with a unique vision and technology focus and currently has more than 1,700 stores in Japan, while the "Sommelier" brand in Taiwan, China already has 34 stores. Nomura Nonprofit Representative Director In March 1984, he entered Shimamura Co., Ltd. and has more than 20 years of experience in apparel retail. At the meeting, the director and director of Nomura will introduce the media to the scene. Starting from the clothing chain established in the suburbs, the Shimamura brand in Japan has now reached all the prefectures in the country and become a well-known Japanese clothing brand. The sales of clothing in the store and more casual fashion women's wear, children's wear, men's and other goods are also readily available. Shimamura's business philosophy is to contribute to the improvement of consumer life and culture through business activities. The secret of Shimamura's growth as one of Japan's biggest companies lies in thinking what customers want and insisting that consumers continue to develop affordable and stylish products that offer convenience and practicality to consumers' everyday lives. High quality and comfortable living atmosphere. Behind the success of Shimamura, an efficient product development team and a unique logistics system are equally important. Shimamura branded products are well-known for their variety. Generally, tens of thousands of products are usually purchased for consumers in general shops. The inventory management team uses computers to process information and conduct comprehensive and systematic management of the products. In addition, in order to achieve rapid and efficient distribution of goods, we have established an independent logistics center and strive to distribute goods to shops distributed throughout the country in a mechanized, systematic and large scale. With high-quality popular products, a high degree of chain technology background, Shimamura Co., Ltd. entered the Taiwan market in 1997, will be the same form with the Japanese native-style shops to Taiwan, "Sommeleu" brand in Taiwan, China quickly Expansion, by the end of 2011 the number of stores has reached 34. In 2011, the company set up Shanghai Dream Trading (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. With the opening of the No. 1 shop in mainland China, Shimala brand officially entered mainland China.

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