Rome Century 2012 autumn and winter conference was grandly held in Beijing

Rome Century 2012 autumn and winter new conference on April 8-10, 2012 in Beijing, "Bairong Business" was held ceremoniously, this event is the Nanjing Fair again after the perfect bloom.


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As China's political, economic and cultural center, Beijing is also the fashion capital of China. In the autumn of 2012, Beijing's autumn and winter new product launches will be held in Beijing. Beijing fully demonstrates the long-term vision of the century of Rome and the brand concept of continuous innovation. "LOVE, make life a little romantic" lifestyle.

On the morning of April 8, "Century Culture and Terminal Training Conference of Rome Century Culture" was held in the conference room of "100 Rong Business and Trade". The conference set off a climax in a warm atmosphere. As a professional planning organization and training institution, Liu Ge and Zeng Guoying respectively On the "core value of the century in Rome" and "three times the performance of the store to enhance" to the distinguished guests, detailing the road to change in the Roman century brand, and effectively enhance the sales of terminal stores, has been a strong response of participants, but also more determined Dealers confidence.


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With the release of this warm and sweet "Beijing love story" kicked off - beautiful and romantic music, dynamic and warm sand painting background, the model affectionately sweet interpretation of the "Roman century-style" romantic life show , To the audience of each audience left a deep impression.

This is an innovative attempt in the history of the new century conference in Rome, but also the beginning of an innovation, which is the core concept of the century brand in Rome - continuous innovation and constantly surpassing. Believe in the new spring and summer 2013 conference in Rome century give you different expectations.

At the meeting, Peng Guifu, vice president of China Textile Business Association, highly praised the rapid development of the century brand in Rome. In the future, he believes that the middle class will become the main force of consumption in terms of consumption, while the century-old brand of Rome will be specialized To provide superior services for the middle class, is consistent with the law of market development, but also identify the consumer groups of brands, will expand the space for brand development, boosting the rapid take-off of the brand. From the perspective of market development, China's underwear industry is facing the challenges of the market, the cost of goods will lose the price advantage, in a harsh market environment, only to build brand culture, brand value-added, is the only enterprise Way out, and for this decision needs the wisdom of enterprises, ideas in the way out of circumstances, the only business innovation, to rejuvenate new vitality, it can be said that Rome century to seize this core point, the market leader in the lead , Become the leader of men's underwear.


Beijing love story

After the conference candlelight dinner, is also the main highlight of this meeting. Slight candlelight, graceful Latin dance, beautiful saxophone, supreme leader of underwear committee, chairman of the board, general manager of Roman Century, outstanding agent of the country, terminal manufacturer of "Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei" , Many media friends gathered together for a romantic night.

After a series of activities in front, more confidence in the national agents: the next day's new orders, single orders record highs, up to thirty or forty thousand, according to the statistics of a single product orders underwear More than 30 million, this should be another miracle of high-end men's underwear industry.

Rome century is a step by step to build their own territorial waters, in the channel innovation and brand culture to upgrade a bold attempt to change the business model, the first time put forward the six E standard men's underwear, in the men's underwear sail that sail .

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