Schwarzwald 2012 spring and summer new women to do the best in detail

Fashion boutique women's brand Swarovski has always been to maintain the traditional and classic based on the fusion of sharp fashion elements, including European and American culture, art and color, and even architectural and cultural exquisite tailoring, creative design, application of advanced fabrics to Very delicate style of the female charm, the classic category is based on the color soft and pure, stylish silhouette, the taste of the good quality of the dresses and small dress, so that the beauty of women in the delicate life of the perfect embodiment of the design concept loved.

施华布朗 - SAVEBLM

Schwarzwald 2012 spring and summer new women's album

Schwarzbrown Brown for the individual characteristics of the skin color, hair, grooming and other differences, the design is easy to care for the color, silhouette, accessories as a whole with. And to achieve the ultimate in detail, make good use of lace to express the gorgeous high fashion elegance, silk satin highlight quality and taste, chiffon highlights a woman's elegant and soft, beaded diamonds wonderful embellishment.

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