The children put on ABC cotton, this winter is no longer cold

Children in poor areas are undergoing a severe cold test, and they yearn for a childhood "to eat and wear warm". However, poor natural conditions can only give them a simple life. They are accustomed to crude tea, unable to resist the cold, the lack of winter clothes. However, this winter, children have "new year new clothes" it! This winter, no longer cold! December 12, 2012, "New Year new clothes," caring people with 2,500 pieces of ABC brand children's clothing, came to Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture Zhaojue County, Meigu County and other poor areas in primary schools, to local children Send to the warm new clothes. Reporters along with "New Year new clothes," set foot on this warm journey. Look, the children volunteered to line up, waiting for "new year new clothes" staff release new clothes. The cold did not extinguish the children waiting for the patience of new clothes, they are still a group of educated, polite children. "Uncles and aunts come to send us new clothes, and we have to be polite.Teachers often teach us to be polite to guests, aunts and uncles will like us." The reporter chatted with a boy in line. (Picture: Children Waiting in Line for New Clothes) True love is not given, but given heartfelt love. "New Year new clothes," caring people to help children wear new clothes, pull the zipper, also asked "children, warm clothes?" The child shyly replied, "Thank you, aunt, very warm." A child told reporters: "We are used to squatting in the sun to eat, there are sunshine, can be warm. Mom and Dad have no money to buy new clothes for us, so our clothes are Were wearing a few years, but also older brother and sister to wear the old, to us, thank you, aunts and uncles, to give us new clothes .Now, wearing new clothes, we feel a lot of warmth. "(Pictured: children They squatted in the sun for lunch) This time of the "new year new clothes" warm journey, the children took more than just a new dress, and caring people full of love for their children. In this cold winter, a new warm cotton pad, for children here, it is particularly important. Believe that the love of the new coat and full of love, you can let the children warm winter.

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