"NIMBLE" Niu Bao children's clothing pink color to bring more warmth in winter

【"NIMBLE" Niuobao children's clothing】 layered alternately drooping lace pattern lingering on the fluffy fabric, there is a bounce behind the bow, fantastic color fantasy style, to create a suitable for the little princess dream small shawl. 【"NIMBLE" Niuobao children's clothing] beige and pink warm colors will undoubtedly bring silver wrapped winter brings more warmth. Fluffy coat look people feel warm, how can such a coat missed it? ["NIMBLE" Niuobao children's clothing] retro collar two little flowers embellished with a bit more childish and cute, slowly drooping layers of lace and veil, to the simple coat adds a bit fantastic and sweet, prompting The whole coat is flexible and vivid.

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