Isabel Agiacini brand women's clothing for women to create a week program

For the taste, economic strength of modern urban women, no matter how expensive the dress she is, how loud the brand name should not be a set of clothing into the world, wearing it appears in all occasions! But in real life, every woman always looks at the weather before going out everyday, and then asks her husband, "What should I wear today?" Always feel the lack of a suitcase in your closet!

伊莎贝尔·阿珈尼 - Eshabeal Agany

From the French "Isabel" women's family one of the four major brands - Ajani, with a unique French flavor and romantic feelings into China. Relying on the extremely artistic appeal of the French culture as the brand heritage, the European classic + South Korea's clever fashion as a whole, with the fashion design concept, the cutting personality of bright, low-key luxury materials, carefully with the combination of Orientation to meet the urban women in different occasions, the dressing needs for women to bring extraordinary fashion experience.

伊莎贝尔·阿珈尼品牌女装  为女性打造一周的穿衣方案

"Ajijani" advocates fashion, elegant, low-luxury brand values, determined to solve the problem of women wearing clothes, from Monday to Sunday according to different occasions and different occasions, full meet the women's clothing needs a week for women to create a week wear Clothing program!

Imitation Wax Fabric tends to have a more intense, deeper color than a real wax print and only be printed on one side of the fabric.

Imitation wax fabric is more uniform in appearance and the printed patterns tend to be more precise.

Using 100% cotton material.

Waxed printed technology, better permeability, color and design of two side is identical.

Wax printed patterns: geometric patterns, character design and other customer pattern.

Imitation Wax printing Fabric

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