Moschino autumn and winter 2012-13 series of well-tailored cutting-edge fashion pioneer

Paralympic-like atmosphere, marvelous color female soldiers and popular uniforms opened the Moschino brand new 2012-13 autumn and winter series.

Wool crepe fabric made of uniform uniform models coat and jacket decorated with fabric and crystal spikes, with a strong sense of visual graphics. Malabo silk, cardo silk, taffeta and crepe de chine fabric dress to create a party girl shape. Quilted leather, cardo silk and knitwear appear on mini kit and cocktail dresses. There is also an indispensable motorcycle jacket.

Moschino 品牌2012-13秋冬系列 精良裁剪的时尚先锋

Slim profile, strong sense of structure, contrast light legs or self-cultivation of pants. Again, the outline was redefined by the bow of a huge black taffeta tied to the head.

Bright, energetic, from red to sunny yellow; from dark blue to purple and then over to the classic black and white. Lastly, the gleaming details of the gold drove up the evening's styling: short dresses draped in large sequins, beaded embroidery, trimmed jackets and elaborate cloaks.

Moschino 品牌2012-13秋冬系列 精良裁剪的时尚先锋

Accessories play a unique role: handbags, bracelets and earrings constantly repeat the season with the "quilted" textured details. Black large rivets decorated with large thick soles are also a series of signs shoes.

Original "Swinging Parade" reflects the true style of Moschino, subverting fashion and conventions and combining it once again to create impeccably tailored women's silhouettes.

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