Analysis on the Characteristics of Jade Articles with High Collection Value

China has thousands of years of jade culture. Understanding the valuable jade can help us to choose better. The development history of jade is the epitome of the history of Chinese civilization, and the influence of jade culture on Chinese traditional culture is also profound. As early as 2,500 years ago, the Confucius of the Sages proposed the “Gentleman is better than Deyu Yu”, which will make people's good character and jade warm and clean. Jade is linked together. It is natural that the value of such a deep-rooted Hetian jade is high.

Hetian Yu witnessed the 5,000-year-old civilization of China, which is also the basis of the value of jade. Strong and durable, easy to save. Jade mineralogy name is tremolite or actinolite, fine surface, hard texture, hard to be weathered erosion, low requirements for preservation of environmental conditions, easy to collect. Many ancient jade buried in the ground for thousands of years, still shining after the unearthed, even if the surface has a bleak, you can see the shape and ornamentation. Appreciable, playable, admirable. The jade can not only be placed on the desk like porcelain, but also hangs on the wall like paintings and calligraphy. It can also be worn under the neck, on the wrist, and on the waist. Preserve value and increase value. Many of the artwork's raw materials are artificially synthesized and can be produced indefinitely. The jade material is a natural rare mineral that cannot be regenerated and is always harvested. The price of Hetian jade is a gradual increase. The market is vast and the masses are well-founded. The Chinese nation is a nation that loves jade and respects jade. Chinese people all over the world have a complex of admiring jade.

Hetian jade and gold have been the symbol of wealth and status since ancient times, and the humanistic value of Hetian jade has far surpassed that of gold. Therefore, there is a saying that “gold has valuable jade without price”. According to the estimation of the Hetian Geological Department, the total amount of seed jade currently contained in the ancient riverbed of the Yulong Kashgar River is approximately 780 tons, with an average of 50 grams per cubic meter of pebbles. Therefore, the seed jade in the ancient river bed is a very rare resource. The price of jade materials has always maintained a steady growth over the years, prices are not skyrocketing, and there is plenty of room for growth. Second, identification is relatively easy. Compared with the identification of antique wenwan and the difficulty of dating, contemporary jade art is relatively easy to distinguish between authenticity and the authenticity of the market. The market is relatively transparent, there is no need to identify the age of engraving, and there is a national appraisal agency that can produce a valid appraisal certificate and can guarantee investment in authentic products.

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