Fast-fashion ZARA Jiushangbangbang Brand Named "Side Goods"

Recently, in the sampling results for fast fashion garments announced by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce the day before yesterday, international fast fashion apparel brands such as ZARA, H&M, and VEROMODA were “repeated to change” and became “blacklist regulars”. There are more than 20 brands that have been named, many of which are familiar to consumers, and the number is relatively rare.

In recent years, garments inspections carried out by provinces and cities, Zara, an international fast-fashion apparel brand, has repeatedly been on the “black list” and has been questioned as “reliable” in quality issues.

In the sampling results for fast-fashion clothing published by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce the day before yesterday, ZARA, H&M, VEROMODA and other "blacklist regulars" were once again named for exposure. There are more than 20 brands that have been named, many of which are familiar to consumers, and the number is relatively rare.

It is reported that there are 43 batches of unqualified products in this test, which are sold in famous shopping malls and brand stores. More than 20 brands are involved, and most of them are familiar to consumers.

Color fastness is the main indicator of inspection failure, with 21 batches, accounting for nearly half of the total number of unqualified products. Water resistance, resistance (acid, alkali) perspiration, color fastness to dry friction are all national mandatory standards. The fact that the fiber content is not accurate is also the quality issue, with 16 batches being unqualified. Cracking has become a major item in garment complaints. It is mainly manifested in the cracking of garments at the bottom of the sleeves, side seams and back seams. In order to pursue tailoring effects, fast fashion apparel often ignores the actual wearing performance of fabrics.

There were 11 batches of commodities that failed the index during the sampling. In addition, there are five batches of goods PH value exceeded, three batches of product identification is not standardized. These unqualified items may mislead consumers to purchase, or affect the normal wearing of clothing, and even endanger the health of consumers.

Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce Bureau’s official microblog “Shanghai Industrial and Commercial” also released the test results. Some netizens saw direct call and bought the “brand to spread the goods”—the price of the branded goods was used to buy the quality of the goods on the ground.

Some netizens said that brands such as “ESPRIT” are not cheap at the mall and have been exposed to quality problems. Some netizens also pointed out that in foreign countries, ZARA and other fast fashion brand clothes have always been to low prices, styles and more to win, the quality is not demanding, but to the domestic, the price is not so "cabbage". Some netizens said that the quality of these brands has been exposed every year and they have become accustomed to it.

According to inquiries by reporters, only through the incomplete statistics reported by the media, since August 2009, ZARA's products have been detected in nine quality problems in China. Due to repeated teaching, they were even exposed to Beijing in May of last year. The Consumer Association announced repeatedly. In the early days of Children's Day on June 1st this year, one of its children's clothes was again exposed by the Shanghai Quality Supervision Department.

A well-known expert in the fashion industry believes that the “congenital deficiency” of fast fashion brands is an important reason. Their positioning is not high-end in itself, and the production cycle is very short. Some brands are only two weeks from design to market. Compared with quality, they often emphasize delivery speed and big-name designs, so there may be omissions in quality control.

Experts also believe that despite repeated exposure of business and industry brands around the country, the penalties imposed on enterprises after random inspections are not enough, and these companies are also responsible for the fact that they do not change their religion. More importantly, even if young consumers are aware that the quality of fast fashion brands may not be the same, they are not concerned about the quality of clothing because of the hard work of updating the wardrobe. The price and design are the fundamental reason for attracting them.

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