Wig top ten brands

1 Rebecca (China Famous Brand, Famous Trademark of Henan Province, Famous Brand of Henan Province, Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Program, Henan Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd.)
2 Hengyuan HY (Fashion hair products enterprise integrating research and development/production/sales/services, national high-tech enterprise, well-known brand, Xuchang Hengyuan Hair Products Co., Ltd.)
3 Instant (Started in 1955, China's well-known trademark, China's old brand, the drafting unit of the national standard for hair products, the industry leader, Qingdao Zhifa Group Holdings Co., Ltd.)
4 Longzheng (One of the largest hair products companies in China, a leading company in the hair products industry, a well-known brand, a foreign-invested advanced enterprise, Xuchang Longzheng Hairdressing Jewelry Co., Ltd.)
5 Ruimei (Founded in 1992, a leading company in the hair products industry, a large-scale professional manufacturer of hair products, a national high-tech enterprise, Henan Ruimei Zhenfa Co., Ltd.)
6 Sea forest (one of the top professional manufacturers of hair products in China, the drafting unit of national standards for hair products, the industry leader, well-known brand, Qingdao Hailin Hair Products Co., Ltd.)
7 Senyuan (In 1997, a joint venture specialized in the production and sale of hair products, a well-known trademark of Xuchang City, a drafting unit of national standards, Xuchang Senyuan Hair Products Co., Ltd.)
8 Jin Dafa (Founded in 1988, the company is committed to the production of hair products, professional integrated hair products suppliers, well-known wig brands, Qingdao Jinda Hair Products Co., Ltd.)
9 Hong Yang (Modern high-tech production group company focusing on hair products, with a complete industrial chain of industry, Xuchang Hongyang Biochemical Industrial Development Co., Ltd.)
10 Peng Hui (Founded in 1995, professional fashion wig brand, leading company in hair products industry, well-known wig brand, large-scale joint venture, Xuchang Penghui Hair Products Co., Ltd.)

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