Phoenix color years: to create a brand that makes customers feel very comfortable store

In the increasingly fierce competition in the retail industry today, a variety of promotional methods and speculation are the largest retailers to use, at the same time in the store each try to use a variety of techniques and means to arrange the atmosphere to promote sales.


First, "quantity", as the first principle of display, "quantity" has its own natural significance. As the saying goes: "The sale of goods pile heap", meaning that the amount of goods to display a sense of volume can arouse the customer's attention and interest, while the amount of flu is also an important indicator of the vivid store image;

Second, "set", the same category of goods to be concentrated in the display near the shelf or location. The requirement of centralized display is also a manifestation of "quantity impression display", at the same time, it is easier for customers to find the brands or varieties they need according to the concentrated categories;

Third, "easy" easy to take easy to take easy to restore one of the conditions of good display of goods. Because even the appearance of the United States, the atmosphere of the display (stacking), if the customer inconvenient to take, or took back to the very troublesome, then look good display can not serve the purpose of promoting sales;

Four, "Qi", is to try to ensure that when a product display of a brand or series of goods can be fully furnished, at the same time focus on display, so as to allow customers greater choice, the display can also reflect the neat and beautiful results;

Five, "clean", health, tidy is the customer on the display of goods and the entire store environment a requirement. Store staff in the display of goods at the same time promptly clean up the goods and shelves or stacking position of health, the goods on time to clean the dust, reflecting the freshness of the product;

Six, "United", a lot of goods in the minds of consumers are related, when customers buy a certain kind of goods he will need to be associated with the goods to support or through the careful arrangement of the store staff he will find a Add B products will be a good match, so that the associated goods display is very necessary; (such as toothpaste and toothbrush, tea and tea, garbage bags and garbage bags, etc.)

Seven, "when", store staff in the display of goods need to pay attention to the shelf life of the goods and the validity of such issues, especially the shorter shelf life of products such as pasta, refrigerated goods. Store staff to follow the "first in first out" display principle, when the shelves in the front row of goods displayed by the customer empty, the replenishment staff should first push the back row of goods to the front, and then the production date of fresh new products Fill to the rear emptying place;

Eight, "bright", that is to say the location of the display of goods to be placed in good light, good visual effects, brightness enough position to ensure easy to find goods easy to find;

Nine, "color", many customers are in the store shopping impulse purchase, and cause customers desire to impulse purchasing factors, except for the price, variety, quantity and other reasons, the aesthetic appearance of the product packaging and visual impact is one of the important factors. Therefore, the display of goods store staff should pay attention to the display of various colors with the product, the combination of cool and warm colors, to avoid the same color of the parallel display of different products in parallel, so as to avoid the visual confusion of customers, the packaging of similar goods even more Pay attention to distinguish.

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