Ochirly Ou Shili Women Dress 2014 Autumn New ochirly Ou Shili fashion with pictures

Ochirly is a rapidly expanding fashion women's brand owned by Hercules International Group (Hong Kong). Ouchily (Ochirly) symbolizes fashion charm from Europe, and is the first fashion brand to break the conventional and mashup concept. Ochirly is committed to providing stylish, professional, meticulous and affiliated features to complete beautiful dreams for modern women.

Ochirly Ou Shili Women Dress 2014 Autumn New ochirly Ou Shili fashion with pictures

The specially selected textured material gives a fresh silhouette to the gentle dresses and is very modern. A high-waist A-shaped silhouette cuts it with a simple, smooth and elegant golden ratio. The addition of atmospheric pleats makes the skirt more agile and stylish.

Ochirly Ou Shili Women Dress 2014 Autumn New ochirly Ou Shili fashion with pictures

The use of composite textured materials creates an atmospheric profile for the soft and smooth lines. It presents a fresh taste. The fashion sense is full. It uses a simple cut to create a three-dimensional high-waist outline, which is easy to outline graceful and graceful posture.

Ochirly Ou Shili Women Dress 2014 Autumn New ochirly Ou Shili fashion with pictures

The front image of the Swan Embroidered Pattern is a bright spot, and the hit color process is particularly eye-catching and stylish. Loose version type, visually thin, cleverly cover the body secrets. The special air layer composite fabric is used to create a three-dimensional silhouette with a degree of relaxation, which brings a new wearing experience.

Aquatic Agate Gemstone/Agate Beads for jewelry:

There are many different types of agate depending on the colors and formation. Common types of agate include blue agate, moss agate, green agate, tree and wood agate, Indian black agate, Montana agate, banded agate, red agate, graveyard point agate. A Mexican agate, showing only a single eye, has received the name of cyclops agate. Included matter of a green, golden, red, black or other color or combinations embedded in the chalcedony and disposed in filaments and other forms suggestive of vegetable growth, gives rise to dendritic or moss agate.

How to identify and choose the agate?
Agate is a kind of Gemstone Jewelry ,the jewelry which produced by agate is quite popular with women. But How to identify the true agate?Please according to the following rules.The symbol of the difference between Natural agate and false is there has cross-sectional structure of a layer of grain, Make use of this flag, agate will be very easy to identify. The finished products after cutting, because there is no obvious pattern neatly, so it's easy to confuse the two. But generally speaking, natural agate has cool feeling, like a painted surface, a layer of wax and a wax luster, translucency, It's the hardness of the Moroccan 6-7,Even it will not scratch if use the knife.
Because it is in the molten state to form crystals, so mostly of them are spherical, the internal structure of the nature agate is tighter.
After grinding the surface is more delicate, rough wood and agate for a dramatic friction, instant, the agate is not fever, but wood will burning. It Is often mixed with a variety of colors, forming a beautiful pattern, such as the flowery one or the striped one.

The fake agate is synthetic, part of them are act as a high-quality stone. Its basic features are: Though it has cool handfeel, but there is no waxy feel and gloss. Some of the hardness is low, It is not easy to Score the agate with a knife . broke it and observed the cross-section, in addition to it has not the laminated structure, granular-roughened or hispidulous;Check for any gaps. Opaque, the color is clear-cut. Some unscrupulous traders glue a thin layer of organic on the surface of fake agate, it will giving a waxy luster and good feeling .This gives a person a kind of illusion. Meantime, The name must not let confuse an eye when buying, must notice to distinguish. Please Careful selection .

Aquatic Agate

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