Fall IN most single product with a windbreaker look best

A cool autumn wind has arrived, but one-time wear long pants is indeed a bit abrupt, so it is better to choose to wear a thin windbreaker to wear it.


Windbreaker is actually very suitable for the weather in Asia, windbreaker dress is elegant, on the contrary look more than the rest, clumsy, mainly in how to "ride." Then introduce several of the easiest to take with the trench coat with, so you immediately become a match up.

Windbreaker + suit

秋季最IN单品 风衣怎么搭配最好看

By the upper class people like the trench coat, shoulder line and sleeve cage will reserve a certain space, easy to take the formal suit, design and thoughtful elegance. Formal suit plus windbreaker warm, the correct principle is to choose a small collar or narrow collar of the jacket, the collar should not be too complicated, it appears professional, neat. Take the skirt length may be shorter than the windbreaker, OL women highlight the ability and fashion, so you show the youthful fashion.

秋季最IN单品 风衣怎么搭配最好看

When wearing windbreaker, office workers are the most common within the ride is the H-type dress, H version of the best is a simple straight or narrow version, more able to highlight the professional sense of windbreaker.

Trench + Girly dress

秋季最IN单品 风衣怎么搭配最好看

The hot windbreaker how to wear a sense of ladies, in fact, a sweet Girly dress can perfectly shape your elegance and sweet is the best choice for small parties.

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