Winter's winter collection is beautiful because of its beauty

The refreshing emerald green winter cold, such as the new buds grow, the air is filled with a touch of fragrance, it is intoxicated; in the coming winter, a touch of green is the popular color of the season, but also Sy Li Women's best choice for fashion.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图1)

Handmade double-faced long coats, relaxed and open profiles represent classic style coats; stylish pop colors give a hint of youthful and beautiful atmosphere.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图2)

Knit dress made of computerized jacquard with a colorful totem pattern, clever waist-section design with waist section, and side skirts of the skirt add a skirt design to make the whole style look more lively and beautiful. It is an essential choice for the winter.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图3)

Hand-stitched high-quality coat style, this year's latest emerald green, the amount of turnover of the front collar from top to bottom natural heaving, better reflect the women's pretty and free and easy, with a short skirt dress will increase the fashion degree.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图4)

The use of the yellow Mingli temperament for subtlety, especially with dark clothing, will become a new highlight of this winter stage; white, beige and orange will fully demonstrate its warm color traits and will be worn during the fall winter season. The person brings a touch of winter warmth.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图5)

The classic round neck, simple and elegant and easy to match, two-color wide stripe stitching, simple and low-key but it can well reflect the style of self; the use of stitching techniques, especially diamond stitching is an innovative approach this season, Neutral black and beige with amber, so that the wearer can not only appreciate the warmth of the winter, but also show their own fashion.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图6)

Soft lambskin leather, unique raw edge treatment and soft leather body complement each other, pure hand-made leather, a unique texture of double-color leather, plus a handsome version, all show its value and comfort The brilliant orange color is also a warm and warm color in the winter, which makes the wearer more fashionable and can instantly increase the attention.

斯尔丽年末冬装系列 因为美丽所以任性(图7)

A short coat that appears to be common. In the previous basic version, a collar was used in the collar. The waist was sculpted. The hem of the hem was a fishtail design. It seemed simple, but it was full of design and brought a new look to the wearer. Wearing a short coat.

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