DAMBOLO Danby slave fashion women's brand brings New Year's greetings I wish you all the best

Firecracker sound to break the troubles of the old days, fireworks colorful usher New Year's auspicious, red lanterns reflected in the joy of the face, the New Year, DAMBOLO ( Danby slave ) to the women have been concerned about the fashion industry, to support the development of people from all walks of life New Year's blessing! I sincerely thank all staff and their families! I wish you all the best in the new year: good luck and good luck! I wish the country's franchisee friends climbed in 2015, earnings doubled!


DAMBOLO has boldly put forward the concept of localization since its expansion in the Chinese market. It absorbs a strong sense of orientalism and classic charm. By combining profound modern oriental culture, consumer psychology and elements of Europe and the United States, DAMBOLO designs distinctive and innovative products that are suitable for Chinese consumer demand Fashion products, while bringing the visual experience and high-end enjoyment to all fashion-loving consumers, also convey a brand-new new concept of Mishina (brand, quality and taste).

DAMBOLO丹比奴时尚女装品牌带来新年的问候 祝大家羊年大吉

The market competition is more and more fierce. If the brand does not change its mind, it will be forced to withdraw from the market. Danubiao has long realized the seriousness of the problem. After years of experience, it already has a set of routines to cope with market competition. The more perfect, even in the end of 2014 began to show a thriving trend. Only in December this month, Danby slave women's brand stores have successfully opened more than 60 new stores, a performance gains across the board. Therefore, we have reason to believe that: in 2015, it is a golden opportunity for rapid brand development and continuous expansion!

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