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Laminated glass equipment is currently produced on the market. Except for the traditional autoclave, the manufacturer of the laminating furnace is also very much. How to choose a quality reliable laminating glue suitable for your company in so many laminated glass machines. Furnace, here are some points to note when buying a rubberized furnace.

1. The problem of the rate of the rubberized furnace. As we all know, laminated glass is not broken like hollow glass. It can be done after dismantling, there will be no waste, and at most it will delay production time. But the laminated glass can't work, it's broken out of the bubble, and it's foggy, that's the waste. It can't be dismantled and reused. The waste is the waste. Calculate an account, if the yield is only 85%, 100 flat will waste 1500 flat, assuming that the cost of a square meter is 80, then 10,000 square meters will waste 120,000 costs, such a huge number is equivalent to a folder The money for the glue equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the problem of yield when selecting the laminating furnace.

Shandong Rizhao Fangding Laminating Furnace makes ordinary flat glass to ensure the yield rate reaches 100%. Due to the uneven image on the surface of tempered glass, the yield can be guaranteed above 98%.


2. The heating method of the equipment first considered before selecting the equipment. Most of the current market adopts the equipment of straight-faced blowing or non-thermal circulation system. This kind of equipment is single-side blowing or no-heat circulation system in the production process. It is easy to cause uneven heating of the glass, which causes the processed glass to be unevenly heated, and the local overheating and local temperature are not able to achieve the waste generated. Therefore, we must choose carefully. We recommend not using equipment without heat cycle system and single-side air heating.

Shandong Rizhao Fangding Laminating Furnace Equipment adopts three-sided heating system, multi-layer independent heating, and turbine fan circulation auxiliary heating technology, which can avoid heating dead angle and ensure the yield.

3. Positioning problem of laminated glass equipment. Now the laminating furnace is mainly divided into indoor decorative glass reinforced furnace and outdoor building glass splicing furnace. Usually, the 3-6 million equipment we see is mainly used for interior decoration glass. The outdoor construction glass is not guaranteed by the finished product rate. The other construction quality is not up to standard and can not get the CCC certification. Therefore, the company that wants to pick up the glue order on the construction project, especially the tempering plant, must not use the cheaper interior glass reinforced furnace because of the cheap price. The laminating furnace for outdoor architectural glass can not only be used as interior art glass (100% yield) but also as architectural glass. The glass can be successfully obtained by the national CCC certification.

As far as the current situation is concerned, only the Rizhao Fangding family can be used as a construction laminating furnace in China. Most of the customers are tempering plants all over the country.


4. When purchasing a laminated glass equipment manufacturer, it is better to go to the company for a field visit or to participate in the exhibition order. Because there are many manufacturers of laminating equipment in the country, the quality is also uneven. There are many manufacturers who are only leather bags companies, just selling for others. The quality of such equipment is not to be said before, and there is no guarantee after sale. Many manufacturers are just small family workshops. Not only can product quality be guaranteed, but there is no guarantee after sale.

Shandong Rizhao Fangding Safety Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Its predecessor was also a glass deep processing enterprise. Now it has been engaged in the research and development and manufacture of rubberized furnaces for 12 years. It is a better company made by domestic professional rubberized furnaces. The equipment is distributed to 2,500 domestic customers and has been exported to 68 countries and regions on five continents including Asia and Europe. The company covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters.


5, must be guaranteed after the sale. If you do not pay attention to the control of the rubberized furnace equipment, there will be many problems, so the after-sales service is very important. Many small family workshops do not have the ability to provide after-sales service. They can only make one-time purchases and sales through the advantages of price. Such equipment can only be bought and returned to the warehouse for a good look. When there is a problem, there is no way to solve it.

Shandong Fangding Safety Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in the Shanghai Equity Exchange Center in June 2014. Both after-sales and product quality are in accordance with the requirements of listed companies. A telephone rushed to the company for after-sales service 48 hours after sales. .


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