Jeanswest 2015 spring new baseball uniform jacket

Cold winter has come to an end, the warm spring is coming, it is time for everyone to take off bloated heavy winter clothes for yourself several fashionable lightweight spring it! Xiaobian today for everyone to recommend two new Jeanswest spring 2015 baseball uniform coat, take a look at it! This baseball uniform jacket, stylish collar design, coupled with fresh and restrained hit color embellishment, people shine, coupled with neat and tidy cut design, making the version of the model beautiful and decent, very street casual Wind flavor, full of youthful atmosphere. With a black primer shirt, jeans, camel casual shoes, handsome and stylish, make you feel absorbed! Jeanswest this ladies fashion color stitching baseball uniform jacket, with bright orange and white stitching, very eye-catching, with personalized medal, reveals the college wind flavor, reduce age and fashion. With bright yellow pants feet & gray stitching platform shoes, full of youth vitality and vitality!

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