Trade import payment verification form

[China Glass Network] When importing units need to apply for foreign exchange payments, they should fill in the “Trade Import Payment Verification Verification Form” (in triplicate) according to the regulations. The goods and remittances should also be filled in with the “Imported Goods Declaration Form” number and customs declaration. For the currency amount, the verification form will be sent to the designated foreign exchange bank for review together with other payment documents.
After the designated bank of the foreign exchange has reviewed the contents of the various documents provided by the importing unit, fill in the contents of the verification form and affix the seal to return the second unit to the importing unit.
The importing unit shall go through the formalities for verification and application to the foreign exchange administration within one month after the relevant import declaration of the goods. When handling the application for verification, the importing unit shall attach the original “Imported Goods Declaration Form” and other verification documents to the corresponding verification form (the “Record Form” shall also be The record form is attached to the relevant verification form, and the “Imported Import Remittance Arrival Checklist” is filled out truthfully; for those that have not arrived, the “Imported Import Remittance Unpaid Arrival Form” is filled out.
The importing unit shall provide the following documents when handling the procedures for the arrival of the goods:
(1) Import payment verification form (if the settlement method on the verification form is “cash on delivery”, the customs declaration number column shall not be empty);
(2) The form of import payment for remittance (if the reason for the verification of the remittance is “normal payment”, the enterprise may not provide the document);
(3) The original customs declaration form of the imported goods (if the settlement method on the verification form is “goods and payments”, the enterprise may not provide the documents);
(4) Import payment to the goods verification form (in duplicate, all printed and stamped with the company chapter);
(5) Settlement of water bills and collection notices (if the reason for the cancellation of the bills of payment is not “the use of materials for overseas projects” and “re-export trade”, the enterprise may not provide the documents);
(6) Other vouchers and documents required by the foreign exchange bureau.
The contents of the above documents must be true, complete, clear and accurate.
Procedures for handling import payment and reimbursement:
(1) The importing unit shall prepare the above-mentioned documents and submit them to the preliminary examination of the import and export business personnel of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.
(2) The documents of the preliminary examination personnel for the unapproved documents shall be returned to the importing unit after the reasons for the company's reviewers are clearly unable to report.
(3) After the initial review, the handling personnel sign and transfer it to other business personnel for review;
(4) The reviewing personnel shall return the documents to the importing unit after the reasons for failing to report to the enterprise for reviewing the documents.
(5) If the review is correct, the reviewer will sign and keep all the documents and IC cards submitted by the company for review and leave the company name, contact number and contact person.
(6) The SAFE will verify the authenticity of the customs declaration form through the customs declaration system and the enterprise IC card. If there is no error, the IC card will be returned to the import unit, and the “reported review” chapter will be stamped on the arrival report form and customs declaration form; if the customs declaration is not passed, the relevant materials and conditions will be transferred to the inspection department.
After checking the contents of the various import payment services of the enterprise, the SAFE shall handle the verification procedures for the enterprises and allow the import enterprises to continue the import payment business.
If the content of the foreign exchange payment of the enterprise violates the relevant regulations, the foreign exchange administration department will take relevant measures to carry out special strict supervision and management of the import payment of the import enterprise.

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