Fan Kai FANKAI brand women into the international fashion trend to create high-end women's

From Paris, the design concept, simple, handsome, real wear is our pursuit. In the daily creative process, we continually stimulate potential inspiration through a broad field of vision and keen insight. Here, FANKAI is defined by us as a way of life. A lot of ideals and discoveries hidden under the random appearance. It is precisely because of this concept reflects the pursuit we have been. Discover and try, pursue new pilots and see the changes brought about by changes ...


Founded in 1992, Guangzhou Yi Yun Garments Co., Ltd. is a large-scale apparel company which integrates development, production, sales and brand management. Its headquarters are in Hong Kong, China. It is a Hong Kong-owned company engaged in research and development of textile fabrics for more than ten years Enterprise, strong, steady development. Its sales network throughout the country, the sales model for the provincial agency-based, monopoly joined the terminal for the sales network, after years of development, the country has successfully developed more than 300 stores and counters.


There are many unique design for the butter & spice jar, all the jars are made from 100% lead free crystal glass, food grade safe.

For the butter jars, our hot sale items is libby style butter jar, butterfly design, some classical design like round, square, oval are also hot selling items.

For spice jars, we have glass lid one, or other ones with metal lid.

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Butter & Spice Jars

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