Can not let the standard drag the back of the textile equipment

Once upon a time, Europeans waved severe technical standards to restrict the import of Chinese textiles, and domestic companies were trying to take measures to deal with it. Today's textile exports not only have not been reduced but have also continued to grow. When we applaud this achievement, it is not difficult to find that developed countries have always used various standards to limit us, and our export companies have always moved around foreign standards. The formulation of Chinese textile standards still lags behind the development of the industry.

Standard backwardness restricts the development of enterprises With the improvement of people's living standards, textiles have changed from durable goods to fashion goods. However, domestic textile standards have not developed along with the development of the industry. When a textile instrument company in Shandong developed a breathable and moisture-permeable instrument for textiles, it was found that domestic companies had developed their own, and there was no uniform standard at all. One of the enterprises in Jiangsu is developed in full accordance with its own understanding. According to experts from Shandong Textile Science Institute, domestic enterprises of textile breathable and moisture permeable instruments were rarely used, but they are now being used more and more widely. Our instrument manufacturers can provide products but cannot provide reference data because the basic work is not done well. This has caused huge differences in the instruments produced by the North-South companies, which has caused our textile and garment companies to import foreign instruments at high prices.

Looking at the domestic cotton spinning enterprises, no one company does not use the Ust Communiqué data. Large companies must use Uster testing equipment, while domestic production testing equipment companies follow Uster as the tiger. This is because over the years, we have paid much attention to production and development, and we have not attached importance to basic work, resulting in strong production capacity and poor data collection.

Two sets of standards for production and implementation of enterprises For a long time, textile manufacturers have implemented two sets of standards, one for export and one for domestic sales. This issue has existed before the reform and opening up, and it has not been resolved so far. This has caused the export product quality standards to be higher than domestic sales product quality standards.

At present, most domestic textile machinery companies still uphold this "tradition". They do not know that this is a harm to national industries, leaving the market with foreign products better than domestic products, and export products are better than domestic products. The self-leveling key components used by a famous domestic textile machinery enterprise in exporting cotton spinning equipment use foreign products, while the domestic sales equipment is made in China. Here we admit that the quality of some key parts abroad is indeed better than domestic ones. But why should the quality of export products be guaranteed and the products we use ourselves cannot be guaranteed? The reason is that the amount of export product claims and maintenance costs are high, domestic products seem to be able to make do with it, it really can not be replaced. This unwritten rule is still being implemented by domestic textile machinery companies.

The industry lacks a mandatory standard for a textile machinery company in Hebei. The thickness, spacing, and routing of wires and cables used in the original production of textile machinery equipment are completely in accordance with national standards. In particular, the purchased controllers and sensors also implement national standards. The equipment produced has reached the industry standard. However, due to its high cost, sales have not been smooth. When the quality of similar products of other companies cannot be compared with their own, but they are better than themselves, the company will eventually have to choose to give up part of the original standards. For a long time, the market has formed a kind of strange circle, that is, the quality of domestic products is not better than the price. The reason for this phenomenon is that our industry lacks the necessary mandatory standards.

We know that German textile machinery manufacturers first emphasize safety, and secondly emphasize other properties. After the equipment is produced, it must be tested in strict accordance with the standards, and it can only be delivered after the test standards are met. The equipment bought by a textile company in Hebei Province had burned out the indicator light and the paste was smelly at the beginning of the operation. This kind of thing may be only a minority, but this is how the management department is unable to do anything. Some of our textile machinery companies are ignoring the link of trial operation when their production tasks are busy. The equipment standards cannot be discussed at all, and the national standards are in name only.

To become a powerful textile country in the world, starting from China's actual conditions, the key components of textile machinery should implement mandatory standards as soon as possible. In addition, the implementation of the standard requires an authoritative organization to continuously monitor it, making the standard a threshold for the industry.

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