ELLE fashion underwear to create a unique charm of fashion

ELLE underwear by the French designer "pen" and through printing, lace embellishment, metal pendant decoration and other small details of the deal, not only to feel ELLE French elegance, but also from the details of taste ELLE's unique charm fashion sense. ELLE underwear is the choice of France, Spain and other countries imported fabric, carefully designed by the designer, not only can be based on different needs to find more suitable elements and wear comfortable. ELLE underwear brings not only glamorous fashion sense, but more respected a healthy lifestyle.


If you mention France, I think many girls and Xiaobian, the first reaction is romantic, elegant. Now from France ELLE underwear with its exquisite authentic design; distinctive bright colors; fashionable and practical style has been reasonable prices, so that you can feel the French wine in China romantic fashion, noble enjoyment make you irresistible.

ELLE时尚内衣 打造独具魅力的时尚

ELLE underwear introduced a series of fashionable design styles and concepts, the daily life of women's underwear fashion, fashion, but also bring you the French girl's refined lifestyle, I believe with Xiao Bian appreciate, you will be able to slow Slowly realized.

The composition of TC Fabric is cotton and polyester, but the polyester in the fabric are always more than 50 percent of the total combination with cotton. 

TC fabric is very popular, because of its excellent strength and durability wrinkle (crease) resistance and high levels colorfastness together with good hygienic characteristics. It`s often used for different types of shirts, corporate identity and work wear garments. We have a various collection of TC fabrics in different of compositions, constructions, yarn counts,  weights, width, designs and colors.

TC Fabric

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