Diversified development of small women's underwear achievements of the new darling of women's fashion

Qiao, the heroine of the novel Little Woman , pursued a steady stream of "beauty" throughout her life; and struggled for her feminine self-centered tradition and striving for women's liberation. More than a century later, the "Little Woman" showed its everlasting artistic and literary value more and more. It has been made into a movie four times in "Hollywood" under the name of "Little Lady" and was named the " "A centuries-old literary classic through centuries", "America's best family novel" and other awards; the author Louisa ● Mei ● Alcote although life-long unmarried, but her family respect her wish, has been committed to In the 60 years of the Republic of China, Luisa May Mei and Alcott's family members visited Taiwan and were cordially received by the leader of Taiwan, Chiang Ching-kuo. At the Tsinghua University in Taiwan, they founded the "Little Women's Literature Research Association", the same year , Authorized by Luisa family, "Taiwan's Little Women Corporation" was established in Taipei, and formally the "little lady" (English name: LITTLE WOMEN) under the brand management of women's underwear , will have done before the tailor and scald The author Louisa hard-working, conscientious and dedicated professionalism as a woman's business enterprise spirit; and the hero "Joe" perfect pursuit of the beauty of women fully reflected in the small woman's Department Of products.


小妇人内衣多元化发展 成就女性时尚新宠

Since the birth of a small woman enterprise, she has relied on the rich cultural background of his novel "Little Woman", and her "perfect" "self-confidence", "trend" and "fashion" Yue became a well-known international brand, and quickly became the fashion favorite of the majority of women. Today, the small woman enterprise has been facing the diversification of development, in the small woman underwear, rhythm clothes, swimwear, corsets, breast-feeding underwear, home wear, pajamas and other on the basis of the development of a small woman clothing industry, Small woman watch industry, a small woman cosmetics, a small woman shoes, a small woman bag industry and other series of industries. After decades of pioneering, the company has established offices in more than 30 countries and regions and has successfully developed into a multinational and modern enterprise group.

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