Kin Ho underwear so proud of men

Guangdong Jian Hao Economic Development Co., Ltd. is a collection of product development, design, production and marketing of underwear professional manufacturer, its development strategy is based on China, the world, launched a series of senior men and women underwear products.


Product design fully take into account the different regions of the shape and characteristics of different regions wearing preferences, so that consumers have more than one underwear brand choice. The company has hundreds of employees, modern plant construction area of nearly 5,000 square meters, has a number of advanced production lines, the company's brand "Jianzhisu ho", "KENHOPE" for its underwear-ho style, comfortable and personal design and reliable quality And deep won the majority of merchants and consumers, in China underwear market has a high reputation and reputation.

Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarf is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly. Plus it has natural properties that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The fur is over 3.5 inches long. All colors are professionally dyed. Tibetan Lamb Fur is a luxurious fur that is incredibly soft, silky and curly.

Every scarf is professionally dyed whole, individual, unsewn, grade A Mongolian Lamb Fur.

Our world famous dreamy Mongolian lamb fur scarfs are made from 100% real soft and fluffy Mongolian lamb fur.

mongolian lamb fur scarf

Mongolian Lamb Fur Scarf

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