Choose a peace of mind mattress for a good night's sleep

The mattress is divided into two types: spring mattress and brown mattress. The spring mattress is the Simmons that we are familiar with every day. The types of brown mattresses are more, and the common latex mattresses are generally used. In addition to this there are many other types of mattresses, such as air mattresses, magnetic mattresses and the like. How should consumers choose to face so many mattresses? Baodi Home Textiles Aide Consultant today teaches you how to choose the mattress that suits you.

Choose a peace of mind mattress for a good night's sleep

Consumers are faced with a wide range of mattress products in the market. Consumers often don't know how to choose. In fact, consumers should choose mattresses of different materials according to their different characteristics.

Middle-aged and adolescents, such as palm mattresses, are made of palm fiber and are made of plant material. They are mainly made of palm long and elastic fibers, which are processed into a mesh structure. The product has the advantages of hard texture, low price, and not easy to deform. It has certain curative effect on waist, neck, spinal disease or bone hyperplasia, but it is easy to mold, and the southern coastal areas are not suitable for use.

Young and middle-aged people use latex mattresses, also known as foam mattresses. Products can be divided into natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses. Natural latex mattresses are mainly made of natural rubber and have the advantages of high softness and strong water absorption.

The mass consumer spring mattress bed core is made up of springs with a layer of fabric fabric on the outside. What we usually call "Ximengsi" is the popular saying of the spring mattress bed. The product is made of spring molding machine automatically controlled by high-quality carbon spring steel wire. It has good elasticity, better bearing performance and better response to human body curve. Support and support, strong gas permeability, not easy to mold, long service life.

The camper's air bed is also called an air mattress. The inside of the air-filled system is a mattress that becomes large and bears a certain weight. The general air mattress and bed are combined. The air mattress is easy to carry and collect, making it ideal for temporary breaks when camping and other outdoor activities. The air bed has a certain supporting force on the body, and the softness and hardness of the mattress can be appropriately adjusted by controlling the amount of inflation. However, floating feelings interfere with sleep quality during use.

After reading the above, you can see that the mattresses for mattress users of different ages are not all the same. Older people and children's consumer groups use harder mattresses for bone causes, and young consumers can choose comfortable and soft soft mattresses.

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