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After the experience of Hong Kong International Fashion Co., Ltd. Following its brand "experience", "You cents to US", "Su Ti Ya" have been successful, at the end of 2009, the company has launched a set of gravity "experience perfect" brand, to adjust type underwear to Concept, professional committed to shaping the perfect shape of a woman, improve a woman's quality of life.


"Perfection" is the leader of China to adjust the underwear, is a female figure shape, inseparable close friend. It emphasizes ergonomic principles, emphasizing comfort and health. Adhere to high-quality sewing standards, with high-quality international new fabrics and top fashion design, intimate for women to create a more perfect and more confident products. While maintaining the fashion, elegant style, combined with the market now and in the next five to ten years of demand, continue to introduce new products to enrich the variety of functional underwear for all types of people, unconsciously in life to create a perfect female Curve, to bring women a sense of comfort, health and happiness.

Wearing gloves while machining--is this a good idea?

Gloves For Drilling Machinery,which canprotect the workers when working.  Woodworking Machines - General Safety Gloves.

To be nursing a cut on hands, and didn't want to get it dirty. to be wearing one of those cotton gloves with the molded-in gripper dots on my left hand, but washing one hand is about as much trouble as washing two.
Before I start wearing gloves on both hands. Is there some safety issue here that I need to know about. So far, it seems OK, and the gloves fit close enough that they don't seem to fall into the "loose clothing" category.

Machine Wear Gloves/Gloves For Drilling Machinery is helping reduce hand injuries for the oil and gas industry with a new line of high-tech, hard-working oil and gas gloves. Designed through a year of proprietary field research with oil and gas workers in a variety of settings, the new Safety M-Pact® ORHD gloves deliver excellent grip, water- and oil-resistant performance, and structural protection from injuries. "In the past, oil and gas workers wore cotton or canvas gloves, often going through several pairs a day

The highest level of protection and durability in a safety glove
Double-reinforced Sure-Grip rubberized palm for extra grip in slick situations and EVA foam heel pad to absorb impact
Rubber-molded exoskeleton from fingertip to wrist with stamped foam pad on tops of fingers to prevent pinching injuries
Highly reflective material on fingertips, wrist and palm to allow for highly visible hand signals on the job
High-tech material that is resistant to drilling lubricants and mud, yet washable for long use
Sizes from Small to XXXXL
Environmentally friendly packaging, with no plastic wrappers in consideration of wildlife

For the industrial workplace, the Safety Fast Fit Glove gives you enhanced contours for a more comfortable fit. Reflective strip panel and high-visibility Day-Glow two-way stretch Spandex adds visibility. The glove also features a Clarino Synthetic Leather palm. Lycra panels between the fingers, two-ply fingertips and thumb to reduce wear and increase protection. A new taller cuff was incorporated for a more secure fit. Imported

Machine Wear Gloves/Gloves For Drilling Machinery

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